Free Essay Example: Leadership-Applying Concepts

Published: 2022-02-25
Free Essay Example: Leadership-Applying Concepts
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In the epitome of effective leadership, the attention and focus rely on the people's communications skills, intelligence, and vision. However, none of the qualities would help maintain effective leadership without the essential leadership quality based on proper and good character. A character is critical and significant to effective leadership since an adequate and precise nature ensures the creation of the trust, which is evident that without faith, people would not follow you (Northouse, 2017).

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In my opinion, good character is a matter of choices which occur over a period. In most cases, leaders develop different skills that help them lead and work with the people, for instance, employees in an organization. These employees do not seek just the realization of the organization goals but need the guarantee that they are part of the team. With the involvement of effective leadership, character plays a significant role I ensuring that there is the building of credibility and trust, promote the sense of loyalty and also provide the creation of self-awareness. Additionally, a character may lead to higher corporate output.

Moreover, in the development of character in a leader, different principles in the given policies would play a significant role. These opinions would ensure the growth and development of character ineffective leadership. First, the theory concerning knowing yourself and seeking self-improvement would develop trait in a leader. The principle involves the self-awareness and development which will ensure that the leader knows their weaknesses and strive to warrant that they improve and maintain outstanding qualities essential in leadership character building. Secondly, the principle concerning seeking responsibility and taking responsibility for your actions would be most instrumental in developing character in a leader. It is because it helps in the self-realization which revolves around the basis of taking responsibility. The focus on responsibility aids in the preservation of personal ambitions and goals (Robbins & Judge, 2016). Also, other principles within the eleven teachings would be most significant in developing character in a leader. they include the system of "setting an example," "knowing your subordinates and looking out for their well-being," and the principle concerning "employing your wit by its capabilities."

However, with consideration to my leadership in my place of employment, different principles guide me as a leader and with my interaction with other employees or the management. For instance, I have played principal roles and parts as a leader which in one way or the other have contributed to a variety of occurrences. These practices are based on my positions as a leader. However, my profile compares to the eleven principles in the exercise in a variety of ways. Within the teaching, there are principles that I have adhered to in the long run. They involve the system concerning making timely and sound decisions. Also, ensuring that the tasks are well understood, supervised and accomplished; together with training personnel as a team. The principles relate to comparing to my profile as they help create a blueprint through which I follow to maintain proper guidance and lead the subordinates as required and with effective leadership (Robbins & Judge, 2016).

In conclusion, I need to work on my character skills for effective leadership to ensure future success. The character skills involve the implementation of principle about developing a sense of responsibility in my subordinates and knowing myself together with seeking self-improvement. It is because they will contribute to my development and growth as a whole. Also, they will help in handling the subordinates regardless of the task and ensuring I observe the essential leadership skills and principles of effective leadership.


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