Free Essay Example on Employer and Employee Relationships

Published: 2022-03-11
Free Essay Example on Employer and Employee Relationships
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Why and how it is important to develop employer and employee relationships

Maintenance of a strong employee and employer relationship is key to the success of an organization. Why it is important to establish good working relationships between the employee and the employer is: First, Productivity. Good and healthy relations between the employer and employee create a conducive environment that serves to promote the morale of the employee. An example is organizations that have put resources towards the improvement of the relations have increased the productivity. Second, to improve employee loyalty. The creation of a work environment where the employees have faith in the employer and manager there is an increase in productivity in the business. The loyal workforce creates loyalty and in turns brings high retention rates of the workforce (SousaLima, Michel & Caetano, 2013). Third, it is important in conflict reduction. In a right working environment, the efficiency and the conflict extent reduces in the case of a workplace.

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How are strong relations developed and how it is important to develop the relations. First, Motivating the employees. The employer is satisfied when the employees are motivated because it encourages them to deliver and this in turn increases their productivity. The motivation will answer the how part when the employees establish a loyal relationship with their employer and organization. Second, Set goals. It is important to come up with organizational goals that shape the relationship between the employer and the employee, for instance, an employee will require knowledge to understand when he or she meets the goals and motivation practices to reward him or her on the same (Terera & Ngirande, 2014). Third, the delegation of tasks. The delegation of work serves to create an opportunity for the employers to teach and empower the employees based mostly on their strengths, for instance, an employee wants to know his or her tasks to ensure efficiency in delivery.

Fourth, Embrace Equality, Equality helps to build a conducive working environment between the employees and the employers. The Employers will create an environment that is fair, and this will develop the relationship between the employers and the employees (Jia, Shaw, Tsui & Park, 2014). Fifth, effective communication. It is crucial in any organization for the employers and employees to have a clear and well-established communication channel.

What are the expectations of an employee? Give Examples

The expectations of employees include; First, job security. All the employees at all levels expect to have the security of tenure, and this encompasses a lot of things, for instance, the employees will not lose jobs without due process. Second, treatment of all employees with respect. In all levels, the employees expect to be treated with respect, for instance, the employer and managers should not misuse their powers like fire an employee without due consideration. Third, Trust and mutual relationship between them and the employers. It is every employee wish that the relationship between them will be cordial and one of mutual respect and trust. Fourth, Overall benefits and compensation are every employee's expectation. Every employee expects that the employer will meet their pay demands and which they have contractual terms over. They expect that the terms and applicable conditions apply for example the employer cannot reduce the salary when he wants without any agreement.


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