What Would You Do Differently if You Were President? Free Essay

Published: 2022-09-22
What Would You Do Differently if You Were President? Free Essay
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Series of global discussions pinpoint a lot of shortages in various governments which require rapid attention within the shortest time possible (Kahneman 55). Notably, if I were the president, I would differently employ multiple strategies to help curb the increasing energy crisis which renders most of the government projects unproductive. The active measures aimed at sorting the energy crisis is because most countries rely upon production of oil from other countries which in the long run poised a higher cost in running the government projects as well as the general maintenance cost.

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I intend to employ the alternative fuel strategy where most of the government projects such as health care services, production, and manufacturing industries operate on the renewable source of energy to help reduce the inherent vulnerability associated with the reliance of oil from outside the country (Kahneman 55). On the other hand, as a president, I anticipate to fully implementing the global proposal document on the solution to the energy problems. In collaborations with the other arms of governments, I intend to make the lasting solution by fully implementing alternate sources of energy, encouraging domestic boring of oils as well as putting stringent measures on the fuel economy standards. Therefore as an incoming president, through my administration, I will impart a new force to inspire and work closely with the citizens as a way to drive the entire society into achieving the intended goals of self-reliance on energy (Kahneman 55).

Besides, if I were the president, I would focus massive investments on education as a tool to help the country understand the healthcare expectations and other mandatory requirements in the society. In my administration, as the president, I plan to employ the long-term investments on education as a way of solving some problems within the nation such as substance and drug abuse, unemployment cases and well as understanding the significant reasons behind the effective financial management. I tend to believe that, by employing effective long-term measures on education the entire citizens will have higher wages, job flexibility, and security and a prosperous growth with endless opportunities. It is worth noting the fact that, by proposing to invest in education a good number of citizens will regain the lost hope which in the long run helps better their family lives.

On the same account, if I were the president, I would create a platform to help sort the unsuitable arguments between the politicians from all the political parties within the government (Bennis 44). The global statistical analysis indicates that the wrangles and constant arguments among the politicians detail above discussion which would foster the economic growth in the country within a short are engaged in different administrative posts to help minimize the constant arguments which in the long run disrupt the ultimate extension of the entire country.

Besides, with the power of the presidency, I would want to lead by example and strive to make the world a better place by making it safer than before. I therefore as a president plan to increase the severity of the laws against some personal offenses such as murder, drunk driving among others (Bennis 44). I would appoint security personnel 's to help provide the needed security services which in the long run promotes the creation of the conducive atmosphere to foster economic growth. Based on all these accounts, I intend to a great leader with a unique system of administration governed by equity and integrity. I plan to employ my strategies differently in an inclusive manner to help meet the challenges facing the entries society ranging from providing the universal health care, safeguarding the construction as well creating a favorable platform to foster economic stability in the entire country (Bennis 44).

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