Essay Example on Apple's International Marketing

Published: 2019-06-18
Essay Example on Apple's International Marketing
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Apple is one of the leading companies globally regarding producing telecommunications products. Their products are such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods. The success of the company on the global platform has prompted many other companies such as Google and Microsoft to work extra hard. One of the countries that Apple has seen great success in the recent past is China. It is one of the nations that have a very competitive market, and many people thought it would be tough for Apple to a company to excel, yet the company has gone against all odds and it succeeded in a conspicuous manner in the Chinese market. The government had placed important measures that many deemed to be very unfavorable; they also wanted to promote the local companies. However, Apple Company has managed to capture the Chinese market, and it was one of the states that gave it much profit. The question, therefore, is what the company has done that is different and is resulting in this tremendous growth regarding profit and popularity.

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There are about four reasons that have made Apple a success in China, and they include; the company produced premium products that most of the locals liked (Nasr, 2015). China is one of the countries that are doing so well economically and therefore, everyone would readily accept such a product. It, therefore, becomes very easy when a company sells a product that can be said to be affordable to all (Nasr, 2015). One of the research companies found that people love Apple in the country to the extent that they are willing to pay double in the black market. With this, it was therefore very easy for the company to advertise its products.

Secondly, the company understood the market structure of China. It is important to analyze and critically understand what the market and what would make them happy, something that Apple achieved without a glitch. It first signed a deal with the China Mobile and consequently gained an access to the countrys network of over seven hundred and sixty million subscribers. The introduction of iPhone six was an epitome of what no other company had done before in the States market (Rajagopal, 2009). It is important to understand that China is a country where individuals prefer big things, and iPhone six was just a perfect match. Some stores are also present in the country, and people can visit them any time to try and also see new products from the company (Rajagopal, 2009).

Thirdly, the company had to learn from mistakes that had been made by other companies and try as much as possible not to do the same. One other company in the industry that failed in its marketing strategies and did just the opposite of what Apple was doing was Samsung. As Apple was releasing its products one after the other, Samsung instead, released all their products into the market and at a rapid pace. It is something that diluted its prestige and its image at the same time, and consequently, it is one of the companies that is in trouble in China (Nasr, 2015).

The company has stayed globally mainstream. China people would want something that would recognize them with the rest of the world and is something Apple has offered to them. The companys brand and the image is the same worldwide, and it is getting well into the Chinese economy.

It is also very crucial to analyze some of the reasons as to why Apple has been so successful in the global market. These explanations also apply to China, and they are about five reasons that make the company a standout and also one of the best in the industry (Lunden, 2014). The company has always continued to produce new products and something that is uniquely different from their initial product. The timing when releasing their products is something that has played a very vital role in the success of their marketing mechanisms. For example, there was a six-year gap between iPhone and iPod and a three-year gap between iPad and iPhone. It, therefore, means that its principles guide the company, and it will never dance to the tune of Wall Streets demands, and, the company has never done this and will not.

Apple has earned a reputation for excelling in the market with just a handful of products, but the main reason as to why they are doing so well is because of the specific innovation skills that they have (Schneiders, 2011). The company has continued to marvel its market with a series of new products that are unique and comes with their unique features. The truth is that the products of the company we today have been very much different from those that were launched in the years before. The software innovations of the company are something that is driving its continuous production of products that only brings lust to people, and everyone would be yearning for these gadgets.

Google and Microsoft companies have not achieved such success as obtained by the apple company in China. They are some of the competitors in the market; however, they are yet to hit the heights that have been set by Apple Company. One of the clear reasons as to why they havent done so well is because, they are talking about what they are going to produce next; that is they are too much futuristic. It is unlike Apple, which has a different model of marketing their products. These companies can talk up a product, and it would probably mean that it is around the corner, unlike Apple that will remain quiet and unleash the product at the right time (Lunden, 2014).

Secondly, transitions process is something that has been observed in Microsoft and Facebook, and it only remains to be seen how the company would handle the situation. It remains to be seen if the firm can grip revolutionary changes and if it does, will it affect its marketability and productivity?

Apple Company has shown that it is possible, and they have managed to capture the Chinese market with their products. China is today one of the leading market destinations of the companys products, and some factors are attributed to this success. The company has managed to turn the ordinary into something beautiful and appealing to the eyes, justified their prices by the kind of products they are producing and finally, has built a tribe in the name of Apple Company. The company will only continue to gain and make much more profit in the Chinese market as long as it continues to offer the best to its consumers.


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