Essay Example: Internal Medicine Personal Statement

Published: 2018-09-05
Essay Example: Internal Medicine Personal Statement
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Health issues in Internal medicine

Internal medicine occupies a significant position in addressing adult health issues. The discipline helps to sustain the lives of humanity through the provision of health services to persons of need in the society. From a personal perspective, the decision to pursue a career in internal medicine was a product of a combination of several family factors. In the 1980s, my grandfather contracted typhoid fever which caused his death after a few days of manifestation. The demise was a result of the use of Chloramphenicol that led to bone marrow suppression unresponsive to multiple blood transfusions. Although there was little information available to me at the time in regards to the nature of the fatal treatment, the incident provoked critical medical questions that remained edged in my memory for years. Hence, I acquired the motivation to study medicine as a means of creating the platform for unraveling the mysteries of such events.

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Many years ago, my uncle was robbed and shot in the back, which left him paraplegic. For years, he struggled with recurrent UTIs while on suppressive antibiotic therapy. Due to the determination to live a positive life, he read many books to understand the intricacies of the functioning of the human body. Throughout the years, I have witnessed his highs and lows in equal measure. On overall, however, he emerged victorious and continues to lead a healthy life in spite of the physical and psychological challenges. From this experience, I have learned that a positive attitude can help a person live a happy life amidst health challenges. For this reason, I was encouraged to pursue a career that would allow me help people with chronic health conditions to lead a positive life.

Family advice and the experiences

Family advice and the experiences received from the scenarios mentioned in the preceding discussion culminated in the decision to enroll for a Pre-Medical Test course, which I recorded excellent performance in 2009.During the program, I learned basic medical practices such as obtaining the history of the patient, conducting an examination, and analysis of laboratory reports for accurate diagnosis, among others. The excellent performance in the mentioned practices provides a firm foundation for me to advance my studies so as to gain the skills and knowledge essential for me contribute adequately to the alleviation of the suffering of people in the society.

Apart from the prequalification, I have other skills that can be critical in the provision of health services as an individual as well as a team. Sports have demonstrated to me the value of preparation and teamwork. As an amateur, I played for the high handball team and also the college soccer team. The extracurricular activities shaped my attributes in different ways. For one, I learned how to work as a team for the purpose of a shared goal. These activities also improved my self-evaluation and communication skills, and ability to take instructions and learn from personal failures. Besides, I come from a family of teachers, and this experience has been instrumental in the development of a calm temperament in addition to engaging in discussions when such sessions are necessary to solve a problem. The enumerated qualities have a close relationship with medical practice. It would be a pleasure to work with like-minded, affable and highly motivated people who would make my residency a memorable experience. It is my sincere belief that receiving the admission to study medicine would further improve the mentioned skills, and this would, in turn, enhance my capability to deliver quality patient care.

Through personal research and consultations, I consider your institution's facilities and instructors as the best in helping me pursue my aspirations. I hope that selection committee will consider this expression of interest and make a positive determination.

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