What Really Matters? Free Essay on Volunteering

Published: 2019-06-26
What Really Matters? Free Essay on Volunteering
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The best way to make friends and reinforce existing relationships is to commit to shared communal activities. Volunteering is one of the greatest ways through which you meet new people and especially if you when you are new to a community. Volunteering strengthens ties between you and the community hence it broadens your support network. Apart from this, the association exposes you to people with common interests and fun filled activities. With a busy life, it can become a daunting task to create time to volunteer. The benefits of doing so are, however, enormous. With the right group of people, one can find new friends easily and reach out to the community through unique skills. The skill set also obtained advances ones career competence. This essay emphasizes the need for people to recognize the less privileged in society and help them live a better life.

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When the task becomes so demanding, changing careers is always an option for the outgoing. In most cases, the volunteering activities are done in group environments. In my town, for example, there are a number of initiatives that have helped nurture the less fortunate in society. Personally, I belong to the all-American youth program. This group of highly intelligent youths aims at realizing an equal sharing of resources among the rich and the poor. It is not fair that there exist a large number of intellectuals who see no reason to share their inherited resources with the less fortunate. Our group does not; however discriminate in its recruitment. All are welcome be it the rich in society, punks or the street beggars.

Despite the warm welcome, there are very few who seem to care. These classes comprise the very rich and the very poor. The group, therefore, comprises mainly of middle-income earners who have toiled extremely hard to get to the point they are in society. Due to the lack of quality health facilities in the country, the group has now created fixed accounts that are operated by officials from both parties. For the past five years, the medical program has accommodated at least a thousand victims from our state and more than eight hundred from other parts of the country. The use of funds was, however, challenging at first because the process of legalizing disbursement of funds was taking time in the states chambers.

Through the intervention of the head of state, however, the accounts became operational as expected. Apart from medical care, the group has aided many relief initiatives in states such as Philadelphia and Seattle. The group has also worked with national foundations with the aim of achieving common goals such as education empowerment for girls and offering maternity covers for unprivileged families. Apart from that, the group has made uncountable trips to children shelters and nursing homes to motivate and donate necessities such as clothing and food. Volunteering instills many benefits that affect ones physical and mental health.

It increases ones self confidence and self-esteem. Doing good to others and the community provides a natural sense of accomplishment, pride, and identity. Eventually, the better one feels about themselves; the more likely they are to possess a positive attitude towards life and future goals. Volunteering also provides a purpose in life. This applies mainly to adults who have lost their loved ones and desire a sense of belonging. It helps them take their minds off worries and adds more zeal to their lives. Volunteering also helps in curbing depression for the socially isolated. Voluntary activities keep such individuals in frequent contact with new people hence the development of a solid support system, which keeps away stress.

Volunteering does not have to take possession of your time for it to be valuable. The essential thing is to offer the extent of time that appears satisfactory to you. Volunteering ought to feel like an enjoyable and satisfying hobby, not an added routine on your to-do list. The extra contentment you gain as a volunteer intensifies your input and commitment.

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