Paper Example. What is a City?

Published: 2023-03-08
Paper Example. What is a City?
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Under several circumstances, a city is termed as a large area with a high population. It also entails high settlement schemes serving as an economic zone, diverse culture as political and high administrative offices. Moreover, a city is a representation of a whole country since almost every ethnics and language background. City life has a lot of advantages for people living in such areas. Such benefits include; adequate health care, improved infrastructure, high income, suitable and ready services, privet services such as schools, hospitals, businesses, among other amenities.

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Adequate jobs and employment are paramount in the cities. Any city in the world can host an infinite number of tasks that can cater to its people. Irrespective of the competition resulting from the city men and women, cities like New York still can provide an equal employment opportunity for all its members from every perspective. Anyone with a relevant skill can venture and find his dream job within the city. This is different from the rural areas where people are only limited to specific jobs. The jobs are available based on different groups of individuals; the educated, semi-educated, or non-educated. The educated can find themselves in a white color job such as front office jobs, clerical, clinical, among others. Others could offer labors to a variety of firms and industries that are within the city. There are some of the primary reasons why most people always tend to city areas.

Enhanced social interaction and social welfare is also a key pillar while discussing urban life. Interaction is a major factor that makes people secure their jobs. People meet their friends and relatives or new people who may eventually lead them to new opportunities in town. Interaction creates an avenue for advancement and innovations among the meeting individuals. These ideas are ultimately turned into entrepreneurial facts hence creating more job opportunities within the city. This also creates more jobs and income for the targeted group. It also makes the city to become a more dependent city with its members serving it to their perfection. The enhanced technology also speeds up the level of interaction and makes the city like a small home. This helps the city men and women to contact one another quickly incase an opportunity prevails itself.

A city is always treated as an economic zone and the determinant of the country's' financial status. The gross domestic growth of a country is still linked to the city's commercial framework. As economic determinants, cities create a pleasant environment for business and entrepreneurial activities. This creates immense opportunities for people from all over the nations to come and explore the business gaps available.

Cities present us with great invention and innovation. They are agents of favorable income that could help in stabilizing its members. The income that comes out of it helps in improving the living standard of their dwellers as well as their siblings from the rural areas. The new inventions and innovations are critical to the well-being of the people living in these cities. These factors also gear up economic growth. Great minds and innovative minds always come from these cities. That is the only tool that could shape every economic zone of the state.

Enhanced infrastructure and education found within the town centers provide an equal opportunity for the urban dwellers. Exemplary schools are located within the cities, efficient universities offering excellent courses, the right roads, and others are found in the town. Banking services are also made easy for everyone to access the loans that could help in developing those who could take them. It also gives the urban children to learn and explore much in their childhood. This could shape them in their future life.

Efficient health coverage and relevant social amenities are also found within the cities. The health sector is served well at the town while comparing the same to the rural zones. Excellent and qualified doctors and health personnel are majorly found in the cities. Other than qualified doctors, there are several non-governmental organizations and relevant bodies that offer quality services in the town. Such organizations bring adverse knowledge and skills that help in shaping the city's lifestyle. Many people also secure jobs from these organizations in various disciplines such as office attendants, security, among others. There are also adverse or a variety of beautiful captivities that bring many people to the city. This is also an agent of work to the country's' men.

Cities provide reliable and better transport to their people as a basic need. Cities contain a vast population; hence, transportation is key in facilitating the efficient movement of these people from one corner to the next. Right roads help in linking up the city, and this makes business in the town more accessible. A well-maintained highway creates an excellent picture of the people living in the city. It is very vital as far as marketing is concerned. The self-owned or private means of transport are also given priority to supplement the counterpart public sector. Generally, there is efficient public transport that transports almost everyone from all over the city. This has been enabled by active transportation within the town.

Housing is one of the basic needs of human life. Everyone is supposed to own a desirable and comfortable house. Urban areas provide adequate shelter to its population. Every city has a housing plan full enough to sustain its population. The affordability of the homes depends on everyone's income. Some can rent while others pay to buy an apartment. Others share their livelihood with friends and relatives who are still struggling to catch up with others. Nonetheless, the housing program in the city has created a wide range of opportunities based on everyone's income.

Life in the city is faster than the rural zone. All activities are done within a time. Health services and other social amenities are delivered in a quicker way than rural homes. The people within the city are also faster as all are always in motion to tend to their work stations. All walks of life are still in a hurry to conquer new opportunities within the city. This creates an environment where people are always in the mood to serve. The city is always in motion both day and night.

The city also creates exposure and opportunities to various people staying within it. Cities always host so many people with diverse backgrounds. Some have their motives, skills, expectations, and the likes. The town provides an identical linking experience that helps them to learn more from or among them. This exposure either creates a learning ground for others to learn from others.

The also enjoy the adverse cultural and inter-community relationship. As we had said before, a city has almost every community represented within it. People come from all over other parts of the nation to go and look for life in urban areas. This interaction always results in one family, forgetting about their home differences. It also enables them to learn a different culture from their counterparts. It diversifies regional culture and a room to explore other people's lifestyles.

City life has enhanced and specialized shopping centers that provide an adequate supply of goods to people living within. This provides sufficient and ready products to urban society. This is different from the rural areas where one has to travel over a long distance to access such services. Some do not have any of such services. This shows that cities provide a great advantage to the people living, in contrast, rural life. No matter what your requirement is or how exclusive it is, you will always find the person or dealer for your needs. Such specialized shops are possible in cities because of the large population.

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