Essays Samples: Library Checklist, A Family Systems Approach, History of Counseling

Published: 2022-09-07
Essays Samples: Library Checklist, A Family Systems Approach, History of Counseling
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Library checklist

Information is power, and the more reason people enroll for an educational program is to gain knowledge. Libraries are referred to as information resource centers because they house different information sources such as books, articles, discussions and famous speeches and literary works that have contributed to the empowerment of society through information. Due to the nature and scope of information, not all the information found in a library may be helpful to an individual. Therefore, it is critical for library users to understand how to search for literary material in a library and overall saving time (Wilson, 2017). Also, library users can obtain credible and valuable information if they have a well-defined plan for information searching. To locate an article an individual needs to search form in the library, the first place to start should be the library checklist.

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The checklist contains all the books and articles housed in the library. Knowing the name of the author and date of publication is an added advantage because the search criteria can be narrowed down to specific particulars. When exploring the library for information, I realized that exact details remain the same regardless of the author. Therefore, to shorten the time taken to find specific information contained in a specified book, an individual can start by picking any book as long as it's closely related to the information needed. This prevents from consuming a lot of time looking for information in, and yet the same information can be obtained in other works. An individual can still use the work cited page to explore books that contain similar information and hence saving on time to search for book titles and authors with related information (Wilson, 2017). Challenges encountered were too much information that created confusion. This challenge can be addressed by being specific when searching for information in a library.


Wilson, E. (Ed.). (2017). School-based research: A guide for education students. Sage.

The Legacy of Unresolved Loss: A Family Systems Approach

How do you think McGoldrick explained the purpose of the genogram and the therapy session?

McGoldrick explanation of the purpose of genogram is perfect. She first introduces herself and goes straight explain what she does, and she categorically states when she "works with families." This shows she is an experienced counselor with a record of helping people with issues related to families. She explains why an understanding of the painful family past is essential for the growth and development of a human being. Before even starting with the patient, she prepares an individual of what to expect and the reason why there is a need to bring up the past. Most of the people run away from painful past experiences and hence the inability to process current human emotions in the right way or develop an ignorant attitude towards some things.

How did the therapist engage each family member in the therapeutic process?

The therapist engages each family member with caution and with an objective approach. She makes them comfortable by making them understand why they need to keep answering the questions. She engages all the family members in the conversation by letting each make a brief description of his/her view. The primary aim of the counselor is to understand the family history and untimely help them deal with their pending family conflict

How did she develop the clinical relationship?

She develops a clinical relationship by welcoming the patients to reach deep and let out the issues that affect them when dealing with other family members. By letting the patients speak about their feelings openly, she creates a happy place for all of them. It becomes safe for them to talk about issues they would like other family members to know. The clinical relationship is designed to deliver patient-centered care where the patient gets all the attention. McGoldrick achieves this by allowing every individual to speak freely.

Response to comment 1: History of counseling

I agree with this discussion because the single most important role of counselors is to help human beings deal with mental health issues that are common and normal for human beings. However, during and after World War 2, the need for mental fitness gained popularly and almost became a mandatory requirement for most of the institutions. In the modern world, counselors play a vital role in the education system because they help students understand their situation and environmental factors that trigger aggressive emotions. Ultimately, the end effects or ripple effects of counseling services is assisting people to deal with issues the way they understand them. A counselor helps an individual comprehend a situation, and it is through this process, the patient gains insights into how to deal with the challenge. School counselors play the most vital roles in guiding hundreds of students in making the right decisions and overall having a better feature. Understanding the evolution of school counseling is beneficial to modern day scholars who are looking to solidify their counseling philosophies (SKOVHOLT & Jennings, 2017).

Today, the American education system requires counselors who have extensive knowledge of counseling theories. The objective of the counseling in education is to help nurture the personal growth of individual and group students. Self-realization is a process that involves exploring individuals or group potentials and weaknesses. Most of the students who need guidance and counseling suffer from low self-esteem issues. The failure for an individual to believe in him/herself often contributes to the reason why people never live up to their expectations or even achieved their dreams. Therefore, helping students realize their potentials at an early age helps an individual follow a path that will eventually lead him/her to achieve their desired goals.


SKOVHOLT, T., & Jennings, L. (Eds.). (2017). Master therapists: Exploring expertise in therapy and counseling. Oxford University Press.

Response to comment 3: How family expectations influence children career choices

I agree that family expectations affect the career choice of a child. When growing up, I wanted to become a doctor because being a doctor for me was an excellent platform to become famous and at the same time help people. I didn't know anyone in my family who was a doctor, but there was one well-known doctor who was sought by hundreds of people every day. It happened that, my mother and the doctor were good friends and therefore I learned a few things about being a doctor. Unfortunately, the good doctor went away to another unknown country in Africa. All the same, throughout my education I studied wanting to a doctor but joining college, I realized psychology was what I wanted to do and not be a surgical doctor. My mum only expected me to be the best of what I wanted to be and therefore, I had the freedom to explore myself and got support from family. Family expectations influenced a child career choice but based on my life experience, and I think it is time counselors encourage children to break away from family expectations by helping them go through the process of self-realization.

Response to comment 2: vertical and horizontal stressors

According to my understanding of vertical and horizontal stressors, they are types of life events that trigger a crisis within an individual. The ability to deal with these stressors helps an individual in the making better and informed decisions. According to your statement, you have stated you had a pretty cool childhood, and as grew up, you even met a best friend who helped you grow by shaping the kind of a person you are today. I want to pose a question and seek to understand how vertical and horizontal stress enabled you ultimately to become a better person? Did they influence your decision to join the college for psychology or what made you chose psychology as a preferred career choice?

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