Admission Essay to Parsons the New School. Free Example.

Published: 2019-12-03
Admission Essay to Parsons the New School. Free Example.
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For as long as I can remember, art and design have always been my passion. I grew up in a small town in Texas where playing football was the order of the day. However, my urge to pursue art was stronger than the desire to play soccer. Each night I could not wait to leave practice to work on my art and eventually, I quit playing football. Since then, I have been looking for a perfect platform to further my career in fine arts. Apparently, Parsons the new school and I have a shared vision, which entails utilizing transformative capacity to develop creative, responsible, and purposeful designs.

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One of my primary interests in Parsons School of Design includes the diversity of the environment that surrounds the institution. The school's main campus is located in New York City, one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Besides being a commercial hub, the city leads in art, design, and entertainment activities. It draws visitors from all over the globe, which highlights its importance in fostering diversity and cross-cultural interaction. Having grown up in Southlake Texas, I can attest to the massive environmental difference between these two cities. I believe New York City will broaden my scope regarding art and design. In a way, I will interact with other artists and scholars from other regions, which will not only bolster the quality of my art but will also, increase my exposure and professional networks.

Furthermore, Parsons the New School possesses a renowned faculty and curricula, which improves the quality of learning. Currently, I can make pieces of art that can stir feelings and emotions from the audience. I gained this skill from my mother who is also an artist. She owns a furniture showroom, which displays most of her creative works. Without a doubt, I am confident that the active faculty and curricula of Parsons Design School will enhance the creativity of my artworks. Not only will they be thought-provoking but they will also reveal an important message that the audience can easily identify.

Annual art and design shows organized by Parsons also motivate me to join this institution. I believe the shows divert from a theoretical perspective to a more practical approach to improving the overall quality of art pieces. For example, the school has a fusion fashion show that was established in 2000. Particularly, this show is a combination of the fashion institutes of technology and Parsons the New School for design. Students compete in this show and receive cash rewards and scholarship for the best designs. In a way, this show enables a prospective artist to participate and attain essential design concepts that will enhance the quality of artwork in the end. Moreover, the presence of popular artists and scholars in these shows improves networking.

Finally, I like the collaborative approach that Parsons the New School embeds to its curricula. In the contemporary society, most fields of study are branching into new realms to embrace various changes. Despite collaborating with my mother and fellow students, the school also fosters teamwork with social innovators, policy analysts, management experts, and sustainability professionals. Incorporating all these disciplines will ensure that I flourish in a dynamic global landscape. In essence, my insatiable passion for art inspired by my mother is my personal ambition for pursuing a career in art and design. I am confident that the diverse environment and dynamic curricula at Parsons the New School will improve the quality of my art pieces.

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