Essay Example on the Tools Used by Poets

Published: 2020-02-24
Essay Example on the Tools Used by Poets
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Imagery; poets use things like colours and sounds to create the experiences that they want to communicate

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Metaphors and similes; these tools are used to make comparisons except that similes use of words as or like. For example, a poet could compare the eye to a bullet.

Symbol; symbols are used by poets to represent something else. A simple general example is flags used all over the world to represent patriotism.

Personification; refers to giving human behaviour to something that is not human.

Rhyme; this refers to the use of words with similar sounds at the end of each line.

Time; poets make their point about the world in reference to the difference between the past, present and the future.

Bob Marley also used some of the above tools to make his songs appealing. For example, the song Small Axe that boasts about a small sharpened axe being able to cut down a big tree. It is believed that the song was written to disrespect some three big record companies. Tools used in the song include free verse, imagery, metaphors and similes

Elements of culture

Culture refers to a peoples way of life. The four major elements (may be different across cultures and change with times as society evolves) found in almost every culture are;

Symbols; this is the attachment of a special meaning to a gesture, sound or image, for example, Christians identifying with the cross sign.

Language; full language , body language, slang and phrases that are unique to a certain group of people form a system of words and symbols that are used to communicate.

Values; these form the desirable standards for a given community, for example, a community that is individualistic promotes competition and personal achievement.

Norms; basically refers to the accepted code of conduct. They are used to guide behaviour.

In his young life, Bob Marley addressed these elements of culture in several ways. To begin with, singing was Bobs way of communication. His songs were filled with messages about life. Jamaican patois for example use of words like ting was part of his language. Bob Marley also believed in peace and love. These themes featured in his songs very match. Finally Marley as a young person believed in Rastafarian as a religion and Cannabis was his symbol of sacrament.

Social issues

Social issues addressed by Marley and the wailers in their songs include protest against racism and oppression for example in the song- Buffalo soldier. These relate to the social issues Americans faced in 2012, social security being one of the issues combined with the immigrants problem. There was tension with activists wanting immigration reforms and a stop to crime and terror activities. This clearly shows that there existed some want in the peace and security system.

Chris Blackwell versus Bob Marley.

Chris Blackwell is an English businessman and a record producer. He founded Islands Records and produced Marleys catch a Fire and Uprising.

There are three elements to being human are trust, love and hope. In these, Bob and Chris had some differences as well as similarities. The duo had love for music with Chris being a producer and Marley being a songwriter and a singer. They both believed in creating trust so as to work with one another. I could compare the two in terms of religion (hope) and while Bob was a believer, Chris does not seem to have had any interest in religion.

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