Wellness Program in the Healthcare Setting to Motivate Nurses

Published: 2022-07-27
Wellness Program in the Healthcare Setting to Motivate Nurses
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Nurses are consistently required to work for longer hours each day. Mostly it is because of inadequate staffing or a management that attempts to cut down on expenditure. Regardless of the reasons, most nurses work longer than they can manage at most times in most setting which predisposes them to risk factors. Firstly, it would compromise the quality of care they deliver and expose them to diseases and stressing factors (Ansley, Houchins & Varjas, 2016). When they provide services for long hours, they mostly do not have enough rest to rejuvenate. Take, for instance, nurses can experience chronic issues resulting from repetitive strains, and pain in the back, legs, and joints. In adverse, cases some develop long-term medical complications such as cardiovascular illnesses. In the area clinic, it is noticed that nurses call in sick quite often because they require time to rest from the extended hours of work. For the nurses at the clinic, establishing a wellness program as well as a motivational approach to improve their participation would enhance their esteem and reduce stress and disease (Hunsaker, Chen, Maughan & Heaston, 2015).

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Impact of a Wellness Program on Nurses

The setting in which the problem can be encountered is in the clinic as well as nursing homes. Working for long hours without engaging in exercise activities can bring forth personal and professional issues. If a health setting is short-staffed, nurses are pushed to the limit since they have to handle a large workload. Nurses in the nursing home feel that their social life is compromised which hinders their happiness (Wei et al., 2015). Short-staffing is a primary reason that leads to burnout during nursing hours (McKinley, Boland & Mahan, 2017).

Being well in a nursing setting is more than just feeling healthy and averting injury and illness. A healthy nursing setting is one which emphasizes proactively on establishing and sustaining a balance of spiritual, intellectual, professional and physical wellbeing. A health setting that addresses various elements of health causes a great impact. Every wellness program should enhance not only workplace welfare but also physical health of nurses by eliminating health hazards, averting lateral violence and promoting team collaboration (Ammendolia et al., 2016).


Wellness program would improve employee satisfaction and engagement. The nurses invest quite a lot of their time in their work. To make it a pleasurable experience, a wellness program should focus on making every aspect of it enjoyable (Bolin, 2015). It is essential to note that healthcare practitioners report higher satisfaction and some even engage in a competition to work for extended periods which in the long run creates more connections among the workers (Liu, Aungsuroch & Yunibhand, 2015). A wellness program also lowers health care costs for the institution. Undoubtedly, healthy employees reduce insurance costs and are always present to handle the duties assigned to them. A wellbeing program is quite significant as it can save many nurses and employers several resources from every individual who quits smoking, begins to work out regularly. A physically active lifestyle lowers the risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and presenting these kinds of information to the local health clinic would aid in facilitating and convincing administrators that a worksite wellness program will be beneficial to both the institution and nurses (Wein, 2015).

Proposed Solution

The health facility lacks a health care wellness program, as such, a strategic wellness program would be established to motivate workers and promote work satisfaction. The wellness program will incorporate the community and the healthcare facility through primary events such as healthy heart walk, meditation, and yoga, employ and community field day, 30-day gratitude challenge, wellness feedback channel to promote employees' job satisfaction and personal life enhancement.


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