Personal Essay Sample: The Worst Exam Experience

Published: 2019-05-29 01:54:17
Personal Essay Sample: The Worst Exam Experience
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The feeling of working hard in class and ending up with no grade is one of the traumatizing and the worst experience somebody can ever have in school. As part of my character, I believe in honesty and hard work, since, through these two characteristics, I have been able to reach where I am today. Additionally, I have been motivated by teachers and parents that it is only through hard work that we can excel in life since there is no shortcut in the real-life situation. However, what happened to me last week was unexpected. After reading very hard for my Behavioral Health exam, I did not get any result because of a mistake I did not commit. Due to the fact that I have been aiming higher, getting no grades in my Behavioral Health exam did not just leave me devastated, but also a feeling of motivation disappeared, and I feel useless in front of both my parents, colleagues, and teachers.

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First it is of great importance to explain what lead to the missed grade for a student who believes in himself as a hard worker. During the Behavioral Health exam, I saw a colleague struggling to submit exam through her laptop. On the process of doing so, she was unable to upload the paper, and I saw a feeling of trepidation from her face that called for my attention to assist. Just as a Good Samaritan, I realized that her Wi-Fi icon was off; hence, there was no internet connection. Therefore, I decided to show her the problem by pointing to her the icon. God! That is where my predicaments started. Notably, the professor noted I was looking at her laptop and suspected I was cheating. Although my professor did not have a palpable evidence to prove that we were performing academic crime, his suspicion could not be eliminated by our ample explanation, and he believed that we were cheating.

Particularly, the worst experience occurred during the day of the results; I had no grade. Although I expected that my professor could punish us of what he termed exam misconduct, getting no grade as a reprimand was beyond my expectation. It sent me down on my knees having in mind how hard I have been working to get no grade. Other than feeling edgy and weak, I did not know how to explain it to my friends and parents and make them believe that I was honest. Anyway, I did not care whether they could believe me or not, after all I knew I did not cheat, and the integrity and respect I have for my education and educators would not let me do so.

Missing my grades tortured me emotionally and even physically. Emotionally, I did not imagine repeating the class for a mistake I did not do. Again, this would drag me behind and interfere with my long term goals that I had already set since I have to re-do this class. Moreover, I do not like or imagine how those who do not believe perceive me; an exam cheater, a thief, or a dishonest. When all these come into my mind, I am left with a feeling apprehension. Physically, I have not been sleeping or eating. The thoughts of failing kept on streaming in mind that block the urge of sleep away. I have been eating just because it is a biological input that makes the body functions. I lost appetite that day.Specifically, I want to inform my professor that he is one of the best tutors I respect, and I am one of the students who follow regulations and rules to the latter. I have never imagined stealing in exams leave alone being caught. The incidence occurred out of my kindness to assist a colleague whose grade could be rejected due to lateness, as a result, malfunctioning of her laptop which could jeopardize her results. It is in this sense that I tried to help her. Unfortunately, the unexpected occurred, you identified us. Categorically, I have never cheated during my entire schooling, and I am not imagining doing so even in future. I have realized helping my colleague in the exam room is not allowed, and it was a bad mistake that I will never repeat in my entire education. Therefore, I am requesting you to find a place in your heart and forgive me: it was not an intentional mistake neither did I want to steal. Remarkably, I have the respect for all my tutors, classroom setup, and generally my education and I regret the whole scenario.

To conclude, despite missing grade my Behavioral Health exam, the relationship with my tutor is very imperative and I humbly ask him to forgive me. However, if I can be given an opportunity to re-sit the exam, I would highly appreciate. It is in this context that I say I have learned the lesson, and I am sorry.

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