Week 7 Assignment

Published: 2023-03-04
Week 7 Assignment
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How does your character or characters exhibit signs of what Mike Hays says "just trying to find our place"? Do they pursue new goals according to goal attainment theory or not? Why?

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Mike Hays has exhibited several signs which is in close and exemplary view with my characters in this say. It is believed that there is need to be composed and wise to capture the experience of life. There is an issue on how we need to relate with people through this say, regardless of how the task is small or big. It has also taught me how to love people and show some forms of respect and value to every person that I meet. Finding a place is deciphered with an aspect of how the lord as saviour has been my best friend and the sense of humility that might arise. There is an aspect of repentance since most of the sermons focus on persistence and determination, which eventually ride my character. A character of attitude has been shown in this say and deciphered in my life as the sermons given by Mike Hays ridicules for humbleness whenever we trust in the Lord (Duvall & Hays, 2012). On the perspective of research, it is exhibited that this says regardless of the love for God, one needs to show respect and decrypt some form of conformity which unites the character that is being used in the say. Mike Hays uses most of his sermons to perfect my style of repentance as in this; there is a need to repent and create a path which will pursue more wisdom. There is a character of passion based on how one can understand personal pleasure (Radcliff, 2017).According to Feldman, Rand and Kahle-Wrobleski (2009), the goal attainment theory needs hope and wisdom, which makes most of the characters to accept and pursue their new goals. Since, this theory feature on personal, social and interpersonal interactions, a person needs to grow and develop the specific goals based on time. Self-growth and communication have shown a definite impact on the aspect of how one can achieve new goals. For instance, in Mike Hays sermons, everyone needs to set a limit and target of purposes either personal or in social aspects. To pursue this new goal, one requires to achieve satisfaction which may enhance one's growth. However, there is a need to accept any form of interaction for the goals to be attainment since most of the sermons given ridicule the mutual goal setting and any achievement that might need to be achieved. Overall, persistent in any work that we undertake makes the attainment of the new goals, ideally since communication is all a love aspect.


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