Web Server Security - Free Paper Sample

Published: 2023-11-24
Web Server Security - Free Paper Sample
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The level of technological development in the 21st century has enabled people, companies, and organizations to store their information on computers. This is because some information that cannot be stored physically in files because of its capacity consumption. It is always efficient and safe to store their information and run their activities in a computerized manner. Web servers are an example of a storage computer that host websites of different companies or even individuals. The information on the servers most of the time are confidential. Although it is the most efficient way to run activities and store information, it has disadvantages too. The main disadvantage of websites is security; fraudsters sometimes find a way of getting into a server and access information that is confidential. They will therefore use the information to steal from a company or individuals.

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This is commonly known as hacking (Carames, 2020). Most websites have been hacked causing loss of information and even money. Solutions have been tried to be found, but despite that, over some time hackers may find ways of accessing servers and websites. That does not mean that websites or servers should stop putting security measures. There have been also successful security measures that have been established which have helped to keep hackers out of reach of servers or websites.


The security that is put in place to protect websites and websites servers from being hacked is called web server security. This is an essential thing for any individual or organization that is physically or virtually connected to the internet. All organizations and individuals who have stored their information to sever which are accessible from the internet are under the risk of being cyber stolen. There are many examples of organizations that have been hacked. They end up experiencing losses and other effects that might be adverse. An example is Adobe Inc.

Adobe Inc. is an American software company. It offers web services in the States and all over the world. The company has been exploited by hackers several times. In 2013 the company admitted that the company had been attacked by hackers and they were able to steal confidential information from its members. People's passwords, identity cards were accessed by hackers and they were able to use that information to steal money from their accounts. Over 2 million people lost their information and other money. The hacking happened because of certain vulnerabilities of the company. There is much vulnerability than a company that is in contact with the internet might have. First, is the SQL injections, if a website server has not protected their SQL codes, a hacker may try to inject application codes to enable the accessibility of the database and thereafter corrupting the database content. If a hacker is successful in accessing the database, it will be easier for the hacker to change using deleting, adding more information, or even altering the all data in the database. This will result in the loss of the data. The data might be some important information or even money. Its attack can be very severe because it may cause a loss of a large amount of money or information in a very short time that might never be recover.


Another vulnerability of a web server is a data breach (Butler, 2019). A data breach is caused by loss of software or damage to hardware and other software mulfiguration. This is mostly as a result of compromised credentials. This is always the responsibility of the service provider to ensure that there are no software configuration or any damage to software, malware, or hardware of the severs. Adobe is a victim of a data breach; the company has been criticized. Cyber thieves were able to steal a 3.2 GB file of information of customers and around 38 million customers were affected in 2013. Encrypted passwords were stolen, accounts were accessed, and some personal information. To protect data breach the company needed to encrypt its traffic and all the transactions with SSL.

The attack on Adobe Company brought in a lot of effects, the effect was negative which caused the company a lot. The company had to pay its customers a certain amount of money in 2013 when there was a confirmation of cyber theft. The company paid 1.1 million later in 2015 as a result of the losses. The attack also reduced trust in the company by people. Many people write their subscriptions from the company leading to loss of customers. The other effect cause was the loss of money by people who were in contract with the company.

Several attempts of hacking have also been prevented by the company and other companies using the security measures some of which have been discussed like SSL encryption, being vigilant with compromised credentials like damage of software, malware, or hardware.


Adobe is not the only company that has been a victim of cyber theft different other companies have suffered the same effects and even in other different ways like malware infection, denial services attack among others. There is always a solution to the attacks, the solution always comes in defense mechanisms because it is very difficult to restrain information or money that has been stolen from the servers. The effects are also too adverse and can be a long time.


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