Case Study Paper Sample: Relationship Between Technology and Productivity

Published: 2022-09-06
Case Study Paper Sample: Relationship Between Technology and Productivity
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Problem Statement

The issue being addressed in this case is to determine the relationship that exists between the attitudes towards the technology experience and the levels of productivity in a company named Salesforce. Com. It is a cloud computing organization that is based in the United States, and it is mainly involved in the customer relationship management product. It will be critical to find out if there exists any connection between the technological attitudes that staffs members have and their productivity levels. Understanding the relationship that exists between the two concepts will be critical for the management to enable them to understand the way that they will handle the activists of the business. If their productivity levels are reducing with the installation of new technological tools, the officers will understand the steps to take (Marangunic & Granic, 2015). However, if the output levels rise due to the workers having a positive attitude towards the adoption of new technological equipment, this will be good news for all the parties interested in the affairs of the business. It can be noted that one for the significant features of the sales environment is the proliferation of the technology for it will be a crucial element to facilitate the sales process. The success of staffs will be based on their ability to adopt, use and incorporate technology when they are interacting with the various stakeholders that are interested in the affairs of the business (Jamil & Global, 2017). The customers are the most important aspects of any business since the commodities manufactured are directed towards them and if they fail to consume these goods or services, there is a high likelihood of the business failing and closing down its operations.

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Challenges and Opportunities

When technology was not advanced, companies in the world had been relying on the traditional strategies of marketing to produce their goods and reach their clients in the market. However, in the last few years, innovations have entered the market, and for organizations to remain relevant, they have to keep pace with the other manufacturers and install the latest technological tools. The staff members have been portraying different attitudes towards the technological innovations, and their reactions can be shown by the levels of productivity (Buchanan & McCalman, 2018). In determining the relationship between productivity and attitudes towards the technological experience, various challenges and opportunities are likely to arise.


One of the challenges that exist in this research process is to determine the way to measure the attitudes that the employers hold toward the technological experience. Attitude is a qualitative element and, it cannot be quantified in numerical value. The management will have to find another measure to determine the attitude levels which may be an expensive procedure. Another challenge arises from the issue of whether the workers are willing to participate in the study. Salesforce Company is a big organization, and all the staffs cannot take part in the study. The researcher will have to select a sample that is adequate for the study process. However, if there are no enough workers to facilitate the study process, then it means that the management will not have adequate information to conclude.


The opportunities that arise in this research is that technology has made work easier in all the organizations including Salesforce and it is possible to have enough information on the productivity levels of every worker based on the records kept by the business. Accessing the relationship that exists between the attitudes that the staff members hold towards the technological experience and their productivity will be a great way of knowing whether it is fine for an entity to install the latest technological equipment. It is not logical for a business to utilize huge chunks of funds to install tools that they do not have a clue how they will affect the productivity levels (Kraut, 2006). Therefore, it is recommended that a survey need to be done to determine how the workers will receive the innovations and it is likely to have a positive impact on the productivity levels.

Business Solution

The management is supposed to undertake the right measures and find out the attitudes that the staff members hold towards the technological experience and how it affects their productivity levels. The support team should respond by taking a study or using the data that they have, do the analysis or draw conclusions that will enable them to make decisions. When new tools are installed, it is often expected that the productivity will increase, but data need to be available to back up this hypotheses (Panagopoulos & Business Expert Press, 2010). There are various ways that the management can respond to this problem. One is determining the potential values that will be achieved after making the upgrades. It is crucial to note down the way that planned adoption would assist the firm to grow and then determine after the installation if the firm has improved. The officer can determine if there is a reduction in the number of direct costs considering that if the staffs are happy with the technological tools adopted, there is a possibility of such expenses being eliminated (Kubacki, 2015). In an example, Salesforce company could be using several thousand dollars for subscription services to one of its activities, but with an application, that figure could reduce considerably. The work that is carried out by the staffs may reduce meaning that they will manage to have a work-life balance an issue that will improve their attitudes towards the technology. Another way that the management can respond towards the problem is through task expedience where a given tool like an old desktop can be replaced with a laptop that is faster meaning that the workers will manage to raise their output levels. The easiness of having activities completed may lead them to accept the introduction of these innovations. The moral of the workers is the way that the management can work towards determining the matter at hand (Mikkonen, Elo, Kuivila,Tuomikoski & Kaariainen, 2016). In this case of working smoothly, faster and in a happy mood are the indications that they have a positive attitude towards the equipment and this may be shown by their satisfaction in the job they are doing.

Another way to respond to the issue is collecting the employee data since estimating the upgrade made is not an adequate tool to know the truth. The tactics that may be used include time tracking to determine the staff members' productivity by determining the time they are taking on a given activity to find out their attitudes towards the innovations. The results obtained should be joined together with the changes in their productivity levels.

Lessons Learned/Business Case

The lessons are that technology is crucial to the growth and expansion of Salesforce and other companies in the world. They usually make it easier to increase the productivity levels and changes the attitudes of the workers for they create a different working environment. There are instances that the employees may develop negative feelings towards the innovations because it may lead to job losses. However, in most of the cases, they trigger the positive feelings leading to an increase in the productivity levels due to the many benefits that accrue to a given firm (Pruet, Ang & Farzin, 2016). The management must know that the cases of limited energy required in the workforce, the ability to work on activities faster than before, the use of less time and the ability to increase the productivity levels are the factors behind the acceptance of technological tools by workers. For the staff members who receive their payment on commission based on the number of goods they produce, innovations enable them to increase their levels of earnings meaning that it generates positive attitudes in the workforce.

Why I Care

The team project will be effectively completed if the senior executive gets to understand attitudes that the staff members hold towards the technology experiences for this will determine their productivity level. If they are happy with the innovations adopted, they will raise the quality of their output meaning that the project will be completed on time and using the available resources which will be used optimally. Therefore, I believe that the Salesforce company management should conduct a study to give them an opportunity to make the right decision on the team project.


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