Free Essay: Features of Amazon E-Commerce Website

Published: 2022-03-04
Free Essay: Features of Amazon E-Commerce Website
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An effective e-commerce website is designed uniquely to attract online customers. The design is based on eight unique features which are ubiquity, global reach, universal standards, richness, interactivity, information denseness, personalization, and social technology. The paper analyzes amazon E-commerce website based on the above features.

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The Amazon e-commerce website can easily be accessed everywhere due to growth in technology. Amazon can trade worldwide because of easy access to their site globally due to internet availability in people's smartphones, homes, and businesses. As a result, the cost of transactions is minimized especially through saving market costs. The website enhances customer efficiency which eventually translates to increased sales for the firm (Gangeshwer, 2013).

Global Reach

This entails transformation from traditional markets into online marketspace. The Amazon e-commerce website can be accessed globally and links the company to new opportunities in the market. The site also plays a critical role in connecting Amazon's products to billions of consumers around the globe. Therefore, trade deals can easily be made through online trading and shipping of products across national boundaries (Purwati, 2011).

Universal Standards

This is another crucial factor which equalizes playing ground for Amazon and other businesses in the industry. Through e-commerce website, the firm can easily access vital market information such as market prices. Similarly, these internet standards on the website contribute to reduced search costs for customers and decreased market entry costs for the Amazon (Purwati, 2011). Consumers can easily find the location of Amazon stores, prices of products, and other essential features by just clicking on the search engine on the website.


Richness means that the e-commerce website contains several text messages, audio, and videos. The Amazon website uses these eye-catching mechanisms to attract buyers throughout the world. Customers can quickly receive marketing messages through watching and hearing what they prefer at the company (Gangeshwer, 2013). Consumers are more able to purchase products from Amazon if they experience digital marketing advertisements rather than traditional methods of marketing.


Amazon e-commerce has several features that make it very interactive. The website contains live chat where they can communicate with potential buyers about shipping or product information (Dan, 2014). They also respond to customers' feedback faster and giving them the option to rate their products. Furthermore, Amazon website engages customers in a dialog to ensure they enjoy fair pricing and quality products from their stores worldwide.

Information Density

Amazon website contains a wide range of information under single cyberspace. This feature enables Amazon put price tags on their products, list some unique features and ingredients of their products, and location to buy them. Likewise, it allows the company have price and cost transparency as well as engaging in price discriminations (Gangeshwer, 2013). Ultimately, it minimizes Amazon's costs and makes service delivery to customers quicker.

Personalization / Customization

The Amazon website enables modification of marketing messages to different individuals. For instance, customers who have specific tastes and preference can utilize this feature to get what they want. Both products and services can be customized to fit consumer choices. Furthermore, personalization enables the company do quick service promptly and to achieve customer satisfaction globally (Purwati, 2011).

Social Technology

This is another feature that shows the contribution of e-commerce in social technology. An e-commerce website is capable of capturing customers information through social sites such as Facebook and Twitter (Dan, 2014). They use this information to target customer base when marketing Amazon's products. The website can convert its customers into brand advocate through online interactions. Ultimately, customer experience is improved, and the company subsequently gains broader market.


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