Essay Sample Describing Weather History and Geology of Pali Hawaii

Published: 2022-02-24
Essay Sample Describing Weather History and Geology of Pali Hawaii
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Hawaii is an island located around the central Pacific Ocean. It is made of five large coalesced volcanoes namely Kohala, Mauna Kea, Hualalai, Mauna Loa, and Kilauea. According to McKown, Akamine, and Sack (2016), Pali Hawaii is the youngest volcanic construction on earth, and also the youngest island in the archipelago. The islands were produced by the northwestern drift of the Pacific Ocean plate. Being the famous volcanic shield in the world, it attracts huge numbers of tourists throughout the year (Romine & Fletcher, 2012). There are several rift zones in Hawaiian volcanoes, which are believed to have emanated from the summit, and they are caused by forcible dike intrusion. This paper, therefore, seeks to discuss the geological background and weather history of Pali's lookout.

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The productivity of Hawaii is revealed by two active sub aerial volcanoes and one active submarine volcano (Romine & Fletcher, 2012). Hawaii's fascinating attraction is represented by Kaumana caves, which are formed from the lava flows. They located along the Kaumana Drive up the hill from the downtown area. A cave is a large tube with lava and their entrance is situated on a collapsed skylight. The caves provide nice scenery; therefore, it is a spot that one cannot afford to miss when in Hawaii Island.

According to Giambelluca et al. (2013), the rainfall patterns in Hawaii are spectacularly diverse. The rainfall varies over time. High rains are found on the windward mountain slopes, while low rainfall prevails mostly on the leeward. The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) is the ocean atmosphere interaction, which have a strong influence on Hawaii rainfall. Consequently, this affects the rainfall patterns in Hawaii and the surrounding areas. The highest rainfall of 967mm is received in the Desturi blocks, while low rainfall of 358mm is received in Raipur block (McKown et al., 2016).

I personally experienced heavy rains during my holiday visit in Pali. The weather interfered with my stay in the area, due to the strong winds and fluctuating temperatures that seriously affected my health. This was worsened by the hailstones and darkness for long hours. The rain was also characterized by lightning and alternating heavy and light showers. Generally, thunderstorms struck the Pali lookout and paved way for more smoky clouds that gave a heavier downfall. In a few moments, the whole vicinity would become foggy, and I could not trace my way until the fog melted away.

On the Pali lookout, almost everything is beautifully green because it rains a lot. The area has natural wonders as well as historical significance. According to Akana (2012), the epic battle of Nu'uanu unfolded in 1795 happened in this region. During the event, Kamehameha separated his worries and outflanked his enemies in order to seize Oahu from its warring chiefs. This was possible due to large pockets of sand, unpredictable ravines, volcanic eruptions, and forests (Keahiolalo, 2010). Further, complex sand dunes, river valleys, and runoffs are features that characterize its relief. Proper dimensions of these features were discovered during the initial development of Pali highway. The sloping coast on the seaward and layers of volcanoes give Pali beautiful scenery.

In conclusion it is evident that Pali is one of the relief features with beautiful geological aspects in Hawaii. Sand dunes, volcanic activities, rainfall, runoffs, and others make the place a peculiar geographical location. It is, therefore, important for tourists and students in the geological fields to visit and conduct more studies on this facility.


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