Ways in Which Brutal Social Realities Are Masked - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-15
Ways in Which Brutal Social Realities Are Masked - Essay Sample
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Brutality is the excessive use of force against an individual. There are different ways in which society tries to mask the brutality that exists within social life. The truth of underlying brutality requires a strict approach since, in most cases, it can lead to things that are not desirable within the society, mostly when it happens within family members. In two plays, Rover and Rachel try to give a brief overview of brutality are masked within the society and the strategies that people put in place to ensure that they can end the brutality. Society does not allow people to expose the various forms of brutality that exists. People decide to hide their suffering, not to be blamed for causing chaos within society. The Rover and Rachel try to show how people hide their suffering within society even though they face different brutality forms.

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In the first act in Rachel's play, I evident that there are people who live unhappy lives because they do not have other options within society. Mrs. Loving says in her conversation with Rachel that "Unimportant nuisances! What ridiculous language you do use, Rachel! Well, I'm no prophet, but I see very distinctly what is going to happen. This little brown baby will be living here night and day. You're not happy unless some child is trailing along in your rear. Rachel (Mischievously): Now, My dear, who's a hypo" (Rachel 5). Mrs. Loving's reply shows that people like Rachel live unhappy lives since the place they call home is not comfortable for them, and they do not have other places where they can go. Forcing people to be happy is a form of brutality within the society that is masked by people since they do not have other places to go now that they do not have another place they can call home. Characters I the Rover, such as Pag, Pedro, and Ant, are victims of brutality within the society. Still, they are not ready to share their experiences with anybody since they fear that they may think that they are lying since they are always joking even when they are busy discussing serious matters. Similarly, Mrs. Loving, the Rachel play, is not ready.

People within the society fake smiles so that others cannot know that they are suffering from any form of brutality. In the Rachel play, Rachel asks Mrs. Loving if there is anything wrong, but Mrs. Loving's answer shows that she is trying to hide something. Many things are happening to Mrs. Loving, but she is not ready to share them with Rachel since she is not sure how Rachel can help her (Rachel 5). In the current society, it is evident that people within a family are unwilling to expose any form of brutality against a family member since they fear shame and bias from other people who can look down on them. Society does not value some individuals' rights and freedoms since they do not have any form of representation that can enable them to live lives that are free from any form of discrimination. There are brutal social realities in the Rover since women are not respected within the society. Men consider women and filthy beings without the power to protect themselves from mistreatment forms within society. It is not ethical since the treatment women get is far different from the treatment women get in society. The mistreatment of women is a form of social brutality that is masked in various societies. According to the play in the Rover, the brutality of women within the society is masked through men, as seen in the incidences where Flor disagrees with Belv (Roger 29). In the play by Rachel, women are disregarded and at the same time most allowed to give opinions in the society, and they are not allowed to talk about ill acts that have been done to them by men, for instance, when Rachel is talking to Mrs. Loving. Character in the Rover and Rachel have different experiences depending on how they are talking since they have experienced treatments within the society that do not allow them to talk to anybody about them.

The plays in the Rover and Rachel try to show how people have a convincing power when trying to justify some forms of brutality that people face within the society. It is evident in the Rover and Rachel that most people do not choose to be brutalized. Still, the situations they find themselves in, in most cases, are why they end up being brutalized within the society. Society cannot allow people to expose the forms of brutality they face since it can make people develop negative attitudes towards each other the same way Flor and Belv developed a negative attitude towards each other when Belv wanted to tell others the kind of brutality she is facing in the society she belongs (Roger 39). People do not like sharing their experiences in brutality since they fear that people may not believe them, making it difficult for them to open up even though they are suffering in society (Foucault et al. 200). The Rover and Rachel play indicate how people suffer in silence and are not ready to share what they are experiencing g so that they can get help.

Will in the Rover play sys that Will “Wicked! Egad, Child, a Judge, were he young and vigorous, and saw those Eyes of thine, would know ’twas they gave the first blow—the first provocation.—Come, prithee let's lose no time, I say—this is a fine convenient place." Will tries to show how people suffer and, at the same time, get help from the people who make them suffer so that they cannot expose them to society. People choose to hide their suffering from brutality since they fear others may not believe what they say and assume that they are not saying the truth (Foucault et al. 40). It is difficult to detect any form of brutality within society since society is never ready to expose the forms of brutality people face. Forcing people to be happy is a form of brutality within the society that is masked by people since they do not have other places to go now that they do not have another place they can call home. Society today tries to look perfect, and at the same time, people face different types of brutality, as evidenced in the plays of Rachel and Roger. Masking brutality in society is a strategy that can ensure that people can live free without expensing the opposing side that is evident within the society. Masking the various forms of brutality is a form of injustice in society since people cannot enjoy a good life.

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