War and Drugs - Essay Sample with the Book Review

Published: 2022-03-30
War and Drugs - Essay Sample with the Book Review
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War and drugs have a close relationship in various ways. From what I have learned, there is an interjoined explanation as to why drugs are closely related to war. The book "War and Drugs" by Dessa has given insights on how drugs are used to stimulate soldiers to fight and weaken enemies in times of war. What I have understood is that drugs are used both as a weapon and a defense mechanism when war arises. From the information depicted by Dessa, it has come to my knowledge that drugs like heroin, opium, and cocaine are extensively used to either release tension or even relieve stress and depression. The book has also given findings that most veterans became addicts of various types of drugs as they used them heavily seeing that It was the only thing that could affect their emotional feelings.

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The book has given out detailed information on drugs and war. Because of that, I have been able to understand issues betters. One point of interest that I understood well is the relationship between stress and drugs. Most veterans and civilians who have either been involved in traumatic experiences, seen someone die or caused the same are under constant stress and depression. These experiences are most likely to happen after the war. These individuals have a hard time trying to fight off the "bad memories which causes might cause either physical or psychological pain. Here, drugs and alcohol become the only resort to help in such a situation. I agree that there is a basic truth that the use f drugs and alcohol interfere with the normal functioning of the mind. "use of stimulant drugs distorts thinking and enhances physical tolerance." It is the sole reason as to why people who have had experiences in war develop alcohol and drugs problem (Bergen, 2015). Stress makes one suffer from insomnia or anxiety and from what I have learned, there is a high likelihood that this person will use drugs and take alcohol excessively so that he or she can fight being in that state.

Also, I have been able to analyze why the trafficking and use of drugs like heroin in the Middle East has been on the rise and how the same has been influenced by the conflict in areas like Syrian and ISIS. Every party wants to emerge victorious in war. Drugs like Opium and Heroin are said to be stimulants. Therefore, when there is war, trafficking of such drugs and use can be high as troops use them to "stimulate" their bodies during the war(Bergen, 2015). One unique example is that of young adults forced to use the drugs to drive away fear and to corrupt the mind so that they don't withhold from killing their lives. Areas like Syria and ISIS are places where war has always been on the rise.

Drug trafficking and use in those areas are also high. From what I have learned, soldiers will want to stay energetic and awake for them to be able to fight their enemies. Physical tolerance is also enhanced by the use of drugs. Because of that, areas like this will experience drug trafficking done so that it can cater for these purposes. I addition trading of drugs is one way that is used to fund war "insurgent groups are funded with hundreds of millions of dollars for the drug trade each year." For weapons to be in plenty, parties will choose to engage in drug trafficking widely so that they can have sufficient funds and use them to buy weapons(Bergen, 2015).

From the findings noted in the book, it is undeniable to say that an issue like the opioid epidemic has become a threat even in the present days. As indicated in the book, Opium is one of the drugs that were used to relieve physical pain and to ease mental stress and confusion. The same was considered to be effective, and that was the reason for high usage. Opioids like heroin, opiates, and Oxycontin are drugs that are said to have some characteristics of Opium. Therefore, people extensively use Opioids with the belief that it will have the same consequences as Opium especially when taken in high amounts. This reason has caused the Opioid epidemic. People are using the drug to relieve stress and tension. Opioid drugs are considered to be the best drugs when it comes to choosing them against other drugs because they are more powerful.

One thing that I have also learned about drugs is the policy applied in the making of the same. Drug policy is important and relevant when it comes to determining the kind of drugs that are to be release to the market for human use. However, at one point or another, drug policy contributes to the rising cases of drug abuse. The policy considers all factors like treatment, social and medical use as well as consequences of assimilating such drugs. Some drugs affect the human psychology even though they are beneficial when it comes to medical use. Even with such awareness, the policy allows the use of these drugs and to the point that they are accessible to anyone. Some people will then buy the drugs for them to feel the psychological effects and not for medical use. That is one place where the policy contributes to drug abuse. Moreover, the policy fails to limit the access of these drugs that have adverse side effects to a certain level. For example, drugs like Opioids are accessible even to those individuals who do not have any health issues.


Bergen-Cico, D. K. (2015). War and drugs: The role of military conflict in the development of substance abuse. Routledge.

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