Free Essay on How to Write a Good Research Paper

Published: 2018-03-27
Free Essay on How to Write a Good Research Paper
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To write a good research paper that achieves excellence and perfection, one need to master the technique and knowledge applied. Additionally, one has to find the right resources to organize and write the research paper and combine them with a positive attitude and belief in the ability to achieve it. After discovering, narrowing and focusing on the research topic, the student would need to find and select the reading resources. These are resources that would guide the student to have an A+ paper that follows all the necessary guideline and that achieves its primary goals.

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The library catalog, periodical indexes, bibliographies and the instructor suggestion are some of the valuable resources to use. In the library, students may find it difficult to locate the right books and journals relating to his or her topic without these resources. In Excelsior College Library, these resources are available with the help of the library assistant, and I plan to use them in future. They contain the guidelines and information relating to the research topic selected. In this case, they help to narrow the information available for the student to use the most relevant one. Other resources include primary and secondary sources. For research to be deemed successful, one has to use both the primary and secondary data. In this case, they will help to build up the research paper. I have barely used Smarthinking tutors in writing and have only addressed a small proportion of writing problems. However, I plan to use it more in future research to address problems in pre-writing techniques, research strategies, documentation, and grammar and mechanics. The Owl will help me in various steps of my research such as quoting, summarizing, paraphrasing, documenting electronic sources, avoiding plagiarism and formatting the research paper.

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