Essay Example on Critical Analysis of the New Media Technology

Published: 2022-11-02
Essay Example on Critical Analysis of the New Media Technology
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There has been researching about what is the new media technology is all about concerning innovation and development of science and technology. It has been depicted that the new media technology encompasses a range of web related innovations which are used to improve and enhance communication technologies (Silverstone, 2017). From the concept new media, there is a lot to be uncovered in the fact that, technology is changing to the contemporary changes in society. The new technology forms include; the mass media particularly digital-based communication which includes the use of the internet, cell phones, and the new forms of mediated technology.

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Communication is a primary source of interaction and the processes have influenced the basic functions of human life. The extent of its effects can be seen from the changes in traditional means of communication where access to media was a problem to the contemporary time where for instance everything is done online. The act of communication is ideally the process of conveying information may it be in sites such as social media, blogs, internet websites or any other new form of mediated technology (Silverstone, 2017). The innovation of the internet and information system has greatly increased the number of social interactions in the electronic environments shaping fields such as carriers, talents, and the channel of communication. The new technology has led to the creation of devices such as cell phones and iPad which are the key products to the new technology sustainability.

Internet communication is created through the improvisation of interconnected computers with websites to make connection easy. The new technology harnesses the intellectual innovation of different mankind in order to make sure that there is broadcast enabled information (Walther et al., 2017). The internet overcomes social and physical challenges because it allows interaction of people only on space. There is no physical engagement as the communication of people is done from different environments and geographical locations. The process is done through high tech gadgets or computers that are interconnected making it easy for communication to be effective. Internet form of technology is extemporary as it overcomes other forms of new media technology.

Computer-mediated technology is another new form of communication that is permeating the lives of people especially in the mass media industry (Herring & Androutsopoulos, 2015). It refers to the kind of interaction that occurs between human beings and computers. This is the interpersonal interaction that occurs through the interaction process, particularly with computers. Computer-mediated communication formats comprise of messages, emails, and chat rooms. However, the term computer-mediated communication formats have been expounded to the internet and interpersonal interactions in the sense that, its meaning has been broadened to make use of electronic applications. It, therefore, allows digital interaction and communication to have a generic term that has a collocation of information shared through gamut equipment.

Use of email has also been among the booming of new media technology because of how it is developed and the functions it plays in ensuring that there is the communication of people. According to a recent study, email is the basic new method of communication in organizations, corporations and even business entities (Herring, 2007). Email allows users to receive messages from all over the globe without the limitation of location. It conveys internet and text messages within and outside a workplace hence creating a need for increased globalization. Despite the number of messages one can share through the email, it has various limitations, for instance, the rate of communication is low. It has a low synchronicity since the response of all participants is done at the time they will check their emails. It also gives room for a delayed reaction because of the distance of separation for example, between the workplace and where sometimes resides.

Social networks that are built through the use of new technology such as cell phones and other gadgets that connect through technology are as a result of digital networks created to enhance communication. The development of social networks for instance between an individual and a workplace is made effective by the discovery of the internet (Poletti & Rak, 2014). For example, in the social media specifically Radio platforms, people tend to communicate through online platforms and mobile phone enabled gadgets. All this is because of the improvisation in technology and other related developments that impact the process of interaction and the well-being of other members in the organization. Through the interactions, communication is made possible but the resulting bonds created by the people impact the transformation and change which everyone predisposes as the possible solution for transformation.

There are positive relationships created from the interaction except that, to some extent, the kind of language used creates gaps with the users (Poletti, & Rak, 2014). People in the platforms originate from different diversities and when it comes to sharing ideas, some stereotypes are used which sometimes arouse other users emotions increasing high rates of conflict and some percent of errors created due to inadequate reasoning from some people. Similarly, personal security in such platforms is not guarded in the sense that, there is higher perplexity to reveal personal information to strangers online or in the social networks. It, therefore, becomes unsafe for personal information to be shared with the public. The negative effects will be felt personally but if not taken seriously, they might impact the electronic environment allowing the users to see for example private information such as sexually related topics, business information, and other confidential information.

Blogs are the international new media technology that is created for communication of various ideas depending on the audience and the users. Blogs have a popular image because they are easily availed online (Zheng & Warschauer, 2017). Not only in communication, but blogs also assist in the interaction of people, promoting products and services of other companies through advertisement, and enlightening some groups of people the about their rights, freedoms and various updates in relation to development. In general, the main purpose of blogs is communication through different websites, online channels and other important new media technologies that are intertwined with web hosting credentials. The collocation of this information is later used to rate and generate statistical information through coding on the number of posts have been made, their importance and contribution to transforming technology and the implications in enhancing the development of the various media platforms.

Blogs account for information relating to politics and social matters. Personal information is hardly found in blogs and the resulting of this is explicit for the fact that, there are privacy and security of intrapersonal relations and personal information that may result from emotions and overt behaviors. Blogs also utilize space that could have been used to advertise magazines and other online content information that is not easily available offline. Even televisions have their own blogs where they display their content implying that most programs have been interfered with following the new technology. Notably, what can be termed as new greatly deals with time and every aspect of any growing media is better than the old not only managing space but also with the speed of communication. The shift can be described as newness for the fact that, the new media and changes of production makes equitable use of storage space cutting costs as compared to old blogs which had outdated telecommunication networks and spaces which could not interlink with the web networks.

The new metaphor of the new media technology perspective came up as a result of digitization and fantastic convergence of media fiction using the mediated communication technology (Zheng & Warschauer, 2017). This means that information is expressed or communicated through the use of contemporary technology hence boosting information and technology. For instance, a mashup is now a worldwide fiction new media phenomenon because of the convergence of ideas from different people. The collaboration of ideas is enhanced by the internet and internet sources thereby, enabling information from different people to be converged together.

Another aspect of digitization is experienced in areas such as digitization and telephony where companies that produced printers are now traversing in the camera industry. Telephones on long distance use an internet connection to communicate, and images nowadays can be share through mediated media technology hence making it easier to transform with society (Muir, 2017). Convergence of technology is thus a product of mediated technology that has transpired over a time memorial and it has positive implications which aim at making the society a better place. However, there are negative effects such as distortion of behavior where privacy cannot be controlled hence affecting many relations and the digital generation.

Community-based new media technologies that cover areas such as social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, and the virtual universes are among the improvised new media technologies that are used to cover the old technology platforms such as discussion boards and Yahoo which had many negative effects that outnumbered what is termed as new technological innovation. The old platforms could be hindered by problems such as disconnections because of the time zone differences or geographical area discontentment. Despite the improvement of the new mediated technology, the old methods did not experience intrapersonal effects of public relations as compared to the new transformations that have major impacts on the way of communication.

Improvisation in technology has led to transformations where the audience does not wait for things to happen but instead to them for themselves (Muir, 2017). A new feature in media technology called user-generated content allows users to create, edit, and post information in digitized platforms such as blogs, contributing to the diversion of the moral principles in a way. Although the innovation has been strengthened by the new media, it has complications of keeping legit information from propaganda. To some extent, it promotes creativity and improvement of analog information, but there is a bridge of confidentiality of information from the users and those who have a command to post information.

In a nutshell, there is an underlying difference indicating how the new media has transformed the old means of communication to the new platforms. It simply links the connections globally using high-tech devices which actively participate in electronic media transmission. However, the new changes attributed are influenced by contemporary challenges and changes in lifestyle in order to cope with the changes in technology. Mass media particularly digital-based communication has explicit implications which are intertwined to the forms of mediated technology. This means that, if they can be used in a good way, there will be minimal consequences.


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