Free Essay on Artist

Published: 2017-12-28
Free Essay on Artist
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USA Today; October 1, 2016: Career Journeys

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USA Today presents a column by the name Career journeys which brings history, achievements and success stories of individuals in these careers. From the paper, I reviewed an article by Frank Juarez, an artist. His career journey started in 2003 and since then he has achieve a lot as an artist. Currently, Frank is a chairman of the art department in Sheboygan North high school. He also participates in local visual arts community and social art making events. So far, Frank has joined various arts organizations, art groups and he operates a art business. Frank admits that artist gives an opportunity to network and build relationships like any other career.

USA Today; October 24, 2014: Career journey

Susan Kloch Wendlandt was named the best artist of the month once in Presque library. Wendlandt was involved with 4-H organization right from 1996 as the arts resource leader. He became the international artist in 2008 when he participated in the bakers dozen and was then an instructor for the 2014 discovery arts camp. Part of her artwork is the permanent mail art exhibit in Arcevia Italy. Wendlandt has meant it in life through artist. Susan has connected with few world prominent people just through art work. As we talk she is the director of Art Gallery in Wood county campus. This proves that artist is a career that can take you far like any other career.

Artist career

Economic Times; November 8, 2016.They travel abroad only to catch artist perform live

Bengaluru musical can confirm for you the number of travel tickets it writes to abroad concerning major concerts. The management says that very many people are really interested with major musician concert across the world. They are ready to pay any kind of flight to attend their concert. This is a good prove of how artist make money from their career.

People take artist lightly. Majority has the perception that artists’ is not a professional career and cannot provide a good and professional job. People think that Artists such as musicians or painters are not even doing a real job. People especially in China and India think that those who studied music or working as an artist differently from people who studied business and/or doing normal jobs. Actually very few opt the sigh a professional contracts with artists. Many people take artist casually always. From the sources I have reviewed, most of them reviewed artist to be very strong career. Some articles have exposed some successful personnel who have excelled from art work.

From my own point of view, Art is equally as good as any other career. Artist nowadays are achieving great things unachievable by the other known super career. A good example being Frank, an artist in Sheboygan North high school who shared career journey in the USA Today. It’s common that when the word career is mentioned, peoples mind click bi careers like, medicine, engineering, doctors and lawyers. That think only those big careers can make money. But the fact is that, those talent based careers pay even higher by far. I therefore, send a kind advice to my fellow young career aspirants not to dismiss any career. You just follow your inner conscious and your passion. But remember to consider artist like any other career in your endeavors.

Artist is not different is an argument that has caused overwhelming issues in a debate room in certain career development forum. Half of the room was for the topic and the other half against. I therefore intended to join the conversation by posting a question to one of the opposing debaters and then after he/she answers, I come in with my view. I therefore support the conversation. I stand with the opinion that artist is a good profession great. People excel a lot with this career. I have witnessed many friends and relatives’ artist build houses, buy big cars and generally live an admirable lives.

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USA Today; October 1, 2016: Career Journey

Economic Times; November 8, 2016. They travel abroad only to catch artist perform live

Economic Times; November 8, 2016. They travel abroad only to catch artist perform live

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