Free Essay On Vitamin Water

Published: 2021-01-25
Free Essay On Vitamin Water
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Over the last few years, there have been a lot of advertisements regarding the vitamin-fortified waters as more and more people rush towards run away from sugary soft drinks that have been termed unhealthy. However, claims have it that, vitamin-enhanced waters containing the same level of sugar concentration and calories as their counterparts Coca-Cola carbonated soft drinks products. Even though the fortified vitamin waters have vitamins that the producers claim they are healthy, the waters contain a lot of sugar that is unhealthy for consumption.

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The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) observed that Coca-Cola is violating the consumer protection laws by providing high sugar contents and other additives that offset any advertised health benefits in the waters (Gregory, 2010). The little synthetic vitamins added in the fortified vitamin waters cannot, therefore, offset the adverse effects that can be caused by the sugar and other additives in the water. To attract more consumers into taking the fortified vitamin waters, the producers put the waters in very colorful bottles. They use this tactic to market their waters emphasizing their nutritional values that most researchers have found it to be vague.

Vitamin waters contain simply water that is loaded with sugar and synthetic vitamins that are natural. The sugar content in each bottle of vitamin fortified water is shocking as it is more than most 12-ounce cans of regular carbonated soft drink (Vitam in Water: the truth, 2014). The South African Label found that 100 ml of vitamin water contained 5.4 grams of sugar. Such exceptionally high sugar levels translate to 96 kJ that is quite unhealthy for human consumption (Vitam in Water: the truth, 2014). The sugar goes as far as 33 grams of sugar per bottle which are quite unhealthy. In addition, the synthetic vitamins do not the same level of health benefits to the human body as the naturally occurring vitamins that are found in fruits. As a way of hiding these realities, the producers of fortified vitamin waters use celebrities to promote their products hence providing the consumers with misleading information. The companies producing vitamin waters achieve this by adding a variety of fruit flavors and additives while in a real sense there are no real fruits.

Other than being costly, fortified-vitamin waters pose a health risk to most of the users, particularly in the United States. Medical reports indicate that more than two-thirds of the US population is obese. The overweight condition results from overconsumption of calories. Fortified-vitamins water that has been found to contain a lot of sugar, therefore, pose a health risk to the consumers as the water can escalate cases of obesity. Considering the fact that almost 25% of the calories that are consumed daily in the United States come from liquids, there is a need to cut down on the consumption of sugary beverages among them being the vitamin fortified water (Are Vitamin Waters Healthy or Harmful, n.d.).

In conclusion, the rising concern about the nutrition levels of fortified vitamin levels requires adequate attention as it is wanting. Although the producing companies argue that the vitamin water is nutritious, a lot of care need to be taken because the nutrition value obtained from the synthetic vitamins as advertised cannot be compared to the adverse health effects that the excess sugar levels in the can cause in the human bodies. If the fortified vitamin water will continue to be used in the future, then the additives in the water need to be not only fortified but also confirmed to be healthy. Also, the vitamins need to be naturally occurring as those in the natural fruits that have proven to be more helpful compared to the synthetic vitamins.


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