Religion Essay Example: Prayer in Silence

Published: 2019-11-25
Religion Essay Example: Prayer in Silence
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In Islam, prayer may hold an array of meanings with the flagship aspects being worship and servanthood. Through prayer, one can express his or her fundamental humility and service to God. Furthermore, Islamic teachings distinguish between daily ritual prayers and various forms of personal prayers. Ritual prayers are mostly conducted at particular times while other types of prayers encompass different significance in Islamic faith and traditions. Communal prayers are often public and carried out in line with stipulated guidelines contrary to personal prayers held in silence. Be that as it may, every form of prayer in the Islamic religion is imperative in various constructs.

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I find solace in silent prayers. A prayer in silence helps me to reflect and look back. It is the opportune moment to examine my conscience and purify myself. As a self-purification mechanism, taking approximately ten minutes of silent prayers gives me inner peace and tranquility. In its ritual perspective, a prayer in silence is a commitment to the confidence. As per Islamic law, prayers have an assortment of obligations and states of recognition. Nonetheless, past the level of practice, there are profound conditions and parts of prayer which speak to its essence. Similarly, by taking five to ten minutes to pray, I am aware that regardless of my silent thoughts in privacy, God is always near to hear, forgive and guide me. My short prayers in silence may not be answered immediately, but I can get closure and rest assured of Gods blessings.

Furthermore, praying these short prayers everyday empowers one with a sense of punctuality in their daily routines. In so doing, Muslims can thank God for his benevolence in various aspects of their lives. Such short prayers in silence are different from other forms of communal prayers in that; they are unique to a persons needs, Thanksgiving, and practical aspects. It is also a chance to ask God for forgiveness for all the wrongdoings and mistakes committed during the day as well as ask for guidance in their daily activities. As portrayed in the Hadith, one of the teachings of Prophet Mohammad, prayer is synonymous to the accommodation of having a stream outside one's entryway. If a Muslim can do without much of a stretch bathe in this stream of water daily, they will have no sin left on them. Similarly, praying everyday washes away one's transgressions. This rehashed execution of the custom keeps everybody recollecting and dreading God through the day.

Praying is a fundamental pillar of Islam. Thus, comprehension of the noteworthiness of a prayer in silence is a standout amongst the most significant indications of confidence. It is the purest and a genuine signal of being a servant of Allah. Through a 10-minute prayer in silence, one can submit to Him dependably. For instance, it is through such prayers that I likewise comprehend that I can't satisfy what is asked of me all alone but with God, I would he be able to accomplish this. By praying with sincere commitment in silence, I can dependably have the capacity to interface with Allah. Regardless of how frequently He is called upon, God will always be there for the genuine adherent. He is the maker of the universe and is ceaselessly viewing over his creation. He can permit, furthermore, devastate whatever he needs. Therefore, it is essential never to abandon God even in silence.

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