Free Essay Example: Vanishing Louisiana

Published: 2023-08-01
Free Essay Example: Vanishing Louisiana
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The issue that is chosen concerns climate change, as its effects are observable in the case of Louisiana. The climate change that is making some areas along the coast of Louisiana state inhabitable now, with its effects increasing into the future, has been duped ‘’vanishing Louisiana.’’ Some areas along the coast have been deemed ‘’lost’’ to already. The change in climate is happening despite the preventive efforts undertaken globally. The trend in climate change is projected to experience unprecedented and inevitable changes in the coming decade, more specifically in Louisiana. Therefore, the position taken surrounds the current climate change bringing about some parts of Louisiana vanishing. It is well evidenced in the subsequent paragraphs.

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First, there are the disappearing delta areas of the Mississippi River. It turns out that people have been living on the deltas formed by the river Mississippi as it empties its water into the ocean. In such a case, there is a lot of silt deposited in the delta, which has been brought from higher grounds by the flowing water. The deposition has been more evident during the flood season when water flows over the flood plains before emptying the water into the sea. The people in such areas have been undertaking farming activities since time immemorial, and therefore have lived there from generation to generation. However, presently, the water in the ocean has risen, which has forced some communities in the region to retract inland; the places away from the rising seawater. The lower parts of Mississippi deltas are becoming uninhabitable anymore, an indication of the vanishing coastal area of Louisiana.

Besides, there is an aspect of tropical storms that have adversely affected lives along with the coastal areas of Louisiana. The trend is considered to be a result of climate change, making some areas unsafe to be inhabited. An example can be observed in the case of hurricane Katrina that occurred in 2005. The hurricane was stormy, and it breached levies are brought the destruction of property and lives in the city of New Orleans. The extent of destruction had not been felt before. Therefore, it is poised that rising seawater is responsible for the trend. There is also the Hurricane Barry, a tropical storm that affected larger areas of Louisiana extending from the coast. It occurred in 2019, and it brought huge property destruction alongside death to many people. Large-scale evacuations of people occurred in the process. Therefore, it can be observed that the two storms are the latest occurrences, an indication of the effects of climate change in Louisiana.

Finally, there is some scientific evidence, with statistics, alluding to the vanishing Louisiana because of climate change. It has been established that the seawater in coastal areas is rising at a rate of 50 millimeters per year. The rising sea level is attributed to the melting of polar ice brought about by global warming. Besides, the increase of seawater levels is causing the rapid loss of the coastal land of Louisiana to the Gulf of Mexico. The loss of such land is making the coastal Louisiana shrink at an alarming rate. Therefore, coastal Louisiana is disappearing because of the rising seawater levels, and the land lost to the Gulf of Mexico.

In conclusion, as well explored above, climate change has brought about some considerable effects to Louisiana as opposed to the benefits. Global warming has resulted in the rise in seawater in some coastal regions of Louisiana, making the land sink to water. The risen water is forcing the inhabitants to relocate inland: to higher grounds. Further, it is submerging the Mississippi deltas, forcing people to relocate too. There are also emerging tropical storms, such as Hurricane Barry and Katrina, whose effects lead to some areas of Louisiana vanishing. Therefore, the effects of climate change are noticeable in the state.

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