Free Essay with the UVA Transfer Application Letter

Published: 2022-03-29
Free Essay with the UVA Transfer Application Letter
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First year of high school was the year I knew I wanted to become a Hoo. My longtime friend and childhood neighbor, Katherine Wilson, had just been accepted to UVA's class of 2018. Serving as my ride to school, our morning drives were flooded with excitement and endless stories about the university. These repetitive conversations became contagious and made me feel the same passion for the university that Katherine did. Not long after the stories began, I made sure that I would be able to share Katherine's excitement, but as a fellow Hoo.

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Conversations with my father soon followed. He noticed my deep, committed aspirations and bestowed me a dark blue tie with the UVA logo scattered throughout to show his support. He saw my passion, dedication, and drive. After thanking him for the tie, I told him that I would not wear it until I get accepted into the university. Instead of being a fashion statement, the tie became a source of inspiration. I swiftly hung the tie on my mirror, becoming another artifact that made up my room. Every time I take a glance at the tie, my mind switches to one of a UVA student, always on the endless pursuit of becoming better with purpose and honor. Whether it is academics, athletics, or service, the tie keeps me on the track to success and pushes me to aim higher than my peers. After hours of tutoring and endless nights studying, I knew I was doing something different, something right. However, after four years of hard work, I received my waitlisted status and subsequent non-acceptance with a profound disappointment. After hours of confusion and frustration, I saw the tie staring at me from the mirror. I realized my journey was not over. From then on, I committed myself to everything that tie stood for. Even today as I sit in my dorm room many miles away from Charlottesville, the tie continues to hang on my mirror, continually strengthening my desire for better.

I genuinely feel that UVA will allow me to better myself, but more importantly, better others through engagement with fellow students and the community. The opportunity would enable me to work towards my personal and career goals while establishing meaningful connections that will last a lifetime.

Acceptance UVA is just the beginning. Though my initial goal may have been accomplished, the idea of being in the endless pursuit of better pushes me to seek further accomplishments. I plan to learn how digital technologies are transforming the way we do business now and in the future. We are in the early stages of businesses taking advantage of digital disruptors such as automation, and it could not be a better time to learn about how technology is impacting business processes and their operating models from one of the best schools of commerce in the country.

At UVA I intend to leave a remarkable mark that will remain as proof that I was here. Besides studying, I also plan to have a lasting impact, influencing the lives of my peers positively by connecting with an excellent network of fellow students and faculty members. I have always seen myself walking through the McIntire Commerce School doors, as a student, and as alumni. Discussing, planning, and creating the future of the world with like-minded business majors will bring out the best in me. I aim to embody the "endless pursuit of better" mindset that dawned upon me years ago and carry that embodiment with me in my professional career. My biggest dream has always been to attend UVA. Having this dream come to fruition would honestly be the most significant moment of my young life. I would go beyond the realms of my educational and professional potential while possessing an intense appreciation for the grounds that makes all this possible. I want to wear that tie.

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