Free Essay Example: My First Car

Published: 2019-09-02
Free Essay Example: My First Car
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As we all know, it is quite interesting and fulfilling to have a car of your own rather than that of a parent or friend. My first car was a Toyota Avensis which I bought shortly after I secured a job. I was very excited to have it as I had longed to have one for very long. Though the process of importing it was hectic due to the heavy duty fees I managed to get it. I was very delighted that I will no longer late to job, that I could visit my family in the village easily and more frequently than before, attend more road trips with my friends and this time carrying tem onboard. The amazing feeling that comes with driving your car also excited me much.

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When I was young, in my high school and college days my dad used to take me for rides to different places. Along the way he could teach me a few basics about driving, traffic rules, traffic police among others. In my teenage days while in college I enrolled in a driving school and became sort of a professional driver. My parents thus entrusted me with their car and I could be sent to do some shopping on my own. The rides were not very enjoyable as there was a strict time limit and I was very cautious not to damage anything as I could be in for punishment and possibly never drive the car again. I therefore couldnt wait for the day I would get my own.

When I bought my first car, this whole scenario changed. The confidence and freedom to drive as I want, the time I want came along. Little did I know that this freedom came with its own share of challenges and I realized the reason why my dads car had a lot of limitation. One day, my friends and I decided to embark on a road trip to a very beautiful ranch far way a from the city. We had always wanted to visit the ranch but we didnt have a convenience means of transport and I know that I had the car it became all easy. It was a very warm Saturday morning after a weeklong in work we boarded the vehicle and set off.

The valleys, meanders and beautiful sceneries made the trip more interesting .we decided to have stopovers on the way to take some refreshments and rest a bit before continuing and considering that I was the only one courageous enough to drive on the rough roads I had to stop and rest for a moment. Thankfully we arrived and found a very beautiful and organized ranch with a lot of activities ranging from bike riding, mountain climbing, horse riding, swimming among others such that by evening we were very tired. We decided take dinner before we left. Damaris a friend of mine decided that we should take some wine which we ended up over indulging.

On our journey back I felt so tired and worn out that I felt unsuitable to drive back. All of a sudden a mad was riding a motor bike ahead of us and I decided to overtake him so that we could be fast. Unfortunately I knock him down and had to stop. I realized that the motor bike was damaged and he was bleeding. We rushed him to a nearby hospital and had to cater for his bills. Luckily, he was a very understanding man that he did not insist on more payments other than repairing his bike. I felt very frustrated and frightened that I couldnt drive and we had to look for a nearby lounge and spend there. This reminded me that I shouldnt drive when drunk, shouldnt overtake and I should not go for a road trip far way with friends are not professional drivers so that when one is tired the rest can cheap in. I hope you learn too from my story.

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