Essay Sample on Utilizing Frames and Key Messages

Published: 2023-01-23
Essay Sample on Utilizing Frames and Key Messages
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As a property of a message, a frame restrains, or characterizes the message's importance by forming the surmising's that people make about the message. Casings reflect decisions made by message makers or composers (Steenkamp and Rensburg, 2018).The main aim of this research is to read and analyze a case study concerning the United Express Flight 3411 incident and relate it to different aspects such as the context, developments, the crisis or issues involved as well as give the necessary recommendations. Therefore these frames will be used to show the message that was being communicated in the United Express Flight 3411 incident.

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The critical context in this incident included a passenger by the name of Dr Dao, who was beaten and dragged off a plane after he voluntarily refused to get off a flight. Police officers forcefully dragged him out, causing various injuries to him as they sought to create space for different crews who were to board the flight. The significant developments that occurred were that some people who were not pleased with the actions recorded the incidence and posted it on the internet and it trended throughout social media as different people throughout the world retweeted it and posted what they thought about the incidences (Pizam, 2017). The critical aspect of the crisis was that it showed an example of poor public relations and how customers were mishandled.This led to a decline in their popularity and had to receive a substantial market share loss.


The communication strategy had a lot of mistakes that were noted. Some crucial mistakes included forcing a passenger to get out of a plane instead of using the right communication strategies to convince the passenger to get out voluntarily. Another critical mistake was when the United Airlines CEO talked and applauded the staff and said that they followed the right procedures and instead termed the customer as disruptive and belligerent which was not the real case (, 2017). I would recommend that the Company invest in making sure that its public relations with its customers are enhanced. This would be done by ensuring that they venture in the market and treat all its customers with the deserved respect to ensure that they earn its loyalty.

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