Essay Example: Human Services Initiatives

Published: 2023-01-19
Essay Example: Human Services Initiatives
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One of the most recent and recognized initiatives from the Human Health SRservices (HHS), of the United States of America (USA), is the affordable care act (ACA), which was signed on the date 2nd March of the year 2010 by the President of the US, Barrack Obama. During these time, the secretary of the human health services (HHS), was Kathleen Sebellius who served in the position between, April 2009, and June 2014 (Burwell, 2015). (US Department of Health and Human Services, 2016).The most crucial part of the ACA was the health insurance reforms whose main aim was to create a one level ground all the citizens of the US when it comes to issuing of the cost and ease of access to the healthcare care programs and services. Since the introduction of the initiative, America has made prosperous forward steps towards creating a favorable environment, especially for the people leaving with diabetes (Orszag & Emanuel, 2010).

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In the process of implementing the affordable care act, several programs and organizations, that aim to support the objectives of the initiative have emerged, the national diabetes prevention program and the prevention and public health fund being the most influencing and famous ones. One of the most significant achievements and effectiveness of the initiative is that, after 5years of signing the contract, the government of the USA, officially agreed to subsidize fully, all the healthcare benefit costs. Research states that

In 2015, after out-of-pocket spending of $6,600 for individual coverage or $13,200 for family coverage, the plan paid 100% of the cost of covered essential health benefits. (Orszag & Emanuel, 2010).

However, the most significant benefit came alongside the greatest drawback of the entire process. Almost 5 million healthcare providers in the healthcare's lost their jobs, because as the government subsidized the healthcare department, many people whose were doing the business of selling drugs, lost their jobs as the drugs and medication became free in the states. Because the main aim of the entire affordable care act was to cut costs for the medical services in the healthcare institutions, and provide the patients with either free or cheaper health services that majority of the citizens could afford, government decided to assist the institutions with funds for purchasing drugs. Many who initially attended private healthcare's later shifted to the public government healthcare institutions, because most of the services were there were either free or very cheap. As a matter of fact, this created unemployment to either all or most of the private companies that were selling drugs or that were offering private and alternative costly health service programs.


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