Check Out Criminal Justice Research in Our Free Essay

Published: 2018-08-02
Check Out Criminal Justice Research in Our Free Essay
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Duties of a police detective and correction officer

I am a very intelligent police detective for the metropolitan area. I have a role in ensuring that there is peace in my area and try as much as possible to maintain law and order (Walker, 1992). I also have a role in settling disputes between different people within my area. I also responsible for ensuring that there are no criminal offenses in my area by detective culprits who are fond of committing crimes.

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Metropolitan detective officer has a role of maintaining law and order so that there is no breach of the law and to ensure there is no violation of somebody’s rights. I also provide security and ensure that members of the public stay in a peacefully without violence. In addition, they maintain surveillances to monitor the activities of the public (Dinsmor, 2003). There are other duties such as inspecting and conducting searches within the metropolitan area to look if there is any contraband goods and to assess if the public are complying with the regulations. I also have a responsibility of investigating crimes and ensure that I collect correct and secure evidence that can lead to achievement of criminal justice. I also have a duty of preparing cases and giving testimonies in court.

How does their role influence or affect the criminal justice system?

My role as a detective officer plays a very important role in the administration of criminal justice system when I investigate crimes, arrest, prepare judicial reports and ensure that everybody in the neighborhood stays in peace.

Criminal justice system only has three processes for a case and they include inception, trial and finally punishment. I therefore work collaboratively with others agencies by ensuring that there is proper investigation before hearing (Walker, 1992). I also collect relevant criminal evidences used in court to ensure that proper justice is obtained. I also work closely with advocacy group for the victims of domestic violence in seeking emergency shelter, civil protection and food, transportation until the defendant is arrested, and the matter is brought to court (Garland, 2002)

What do Detective officer believe to be the cause of crime along with what would deter crime

Detective officer believe that crimes are caused by greed, anger, revenge and pride. They also believe that some crimes are caused by the desire for personal gain or the desire to minimize risks. Correction officers are certain that desire for material gain can only lead to property crimes like robberies but desire for control, revenge and others are likely to cause violent crimes (Walker, 1992). Correction officers also believe that crimes can be deterred through punishment so that the crime committed can be less attractive. They also believe that most crimes can be discouraged through imprisonment or loss of income as this is able to reduce the opportunity available.

I chose to work in the criminal justice system to reduce crime rate and to support in rehabilitating the conduct of some people. I also wanted to carry out criminal investigation and to ensure that there is peace and harmony in my community.

I learnt that my roles play a very important role in the society by ensuring that the rights of the accused is protected and also ensure that justice is obtained in a criminal justice system (Walker, 1992). I also learnt that correction officers are just a good job that is able to provide satisfactory work environment which most of them enjoy.


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