Free Essay on the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

Published: 2020-06-10
Free Essay on the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports
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The use of dopes especially with sports people has been a confounding problem in the contemporary society. These are drug substances that augment the capacity spectacular performance in any activity. A number of sportsmen and women around the world have perfected the art of doping in order to remain relevant in their fields of competition by clinging the best positions in competitions. Doping has become pervasive owing to the fact that most tournaments today are a lucrative venture. Therefore competitors would do anything to secure the fore positions that earn them higher rewards over their counterparts. According to this essay, the use of drugs in sports is unethical and cannot be the future of sports as it is socially unacceptable.

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Why drugs must not be used to enhance performance in sports

Competitions are often supposed to be conducted on fair level where competitors are given equal opportunities to try their lack in a particular competition (David). According the stipulated regulations of the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF), a competitor who tests positive of dopes stands to be disqualified from the competitions and may be out of race for the subsequent competitions as well for a certain period as would have been decided by the IAAF committee. This regulation was enacted as a way of eliminating loopholes through which dishonest contestants find their way in the competition and claim victory at the expense of the genuine hardworking counterparts. That would be tantamount to stealing; which impious.

Competitions are meant to promote talents and help competitors find a way of exploiting their inherent aptitude to be of value to the society. Where such competitions are conducted on unfair grounds, they lose credibility and therefore cannot serve the initial intended purpose. People must learn to embrace honesty in all their deeds because that is the only way that promotes justice, transparency and accountability in the society. The use of dubious means to acquire fame or rewards is like anarchy because the claimant of victory will not be legitimate at the end of the process. Illegitimate success never suffices to mature to fruition. It is by this reason that doping should be discouraged in strongest terms possible from becoming the future of sports.

Those who cunningly perpetuate the vice of doping should understand that the practice will land them into critical position one time and they will surely be embarrassed. One should figure out what can possibly happen to an examinee that finds his or her way to the dons apartment and manages to doctor the results of an examination which he or she may be aware that they never performed well (Hamilton, Tyler, and Daniel Coyle). Even if later on the perpetrator will rejoice for having achieved victory in the same exam, the conscience will accuse him or her and every time such people think of using these results, they will be feeling guilty even without being accused. Such kinds of ill gains also amount to nothing because it cannot be backed by the inward capabilities. It is basing on this argument that I refute the claims by certain people who claim that doping should be allowed in sports as part of the tactics that athletes ought to adopt in their sports events (Hamilton, Tyler, and Daniel Coyle). According to me this argument is a logical fallacy and adopting it may only open a leeway for other unscrupulous means other than doping into the future sports activities.


Fairness, transparency and accountability should be the key aspects that should be upheld by the facilitators and the competitors in sports. People must not fake mans to victory because competition is not all about winning but also failing. Whichever outcome of the competition, the participants have to accept it positively and derive fruitful lessons from them for the betterment of the future competitions.


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