Essay Sample on Religion and film- The Exorcist Movie

Published: 2023-01-23
Essay Sample on Religion and film- The Exorcist Movie
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The Exorcist film is found to display several major religious themes. The themes are primarily significantly based on the exorcism topics and demonic possession, considering the Catholic Church's viewpoint. However, The Exorcist fails immediately draw the conclusion that emphasizes that exorcism works as well as asser6ing that they exist. The religious theme that is mainly speculated in The Exorcist includes losing one's faith. The religious issues are found to have ended up contributing much to the success of the film and the entire understanding of the movie by its audience.

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The tension that exists between the mythical or religious level and the demand for realism is primary to The Exorcist. The conflict contributes significantly to the individual, striking effect that the film has on the audience. The structure of the narrative of the film seems to be simple, and it hides several crucial complexities which invigorate at the thematic level. For the film to attain the attention of the audience while having a narrative that deals with demons and devils, The Exorcist utilizes every way that is available in making of the incredible become credible as well as in suspending of disbelief. The first symptoms related to possession and the ritual involving exorcism as well as the associated supernatural occurrences during its performance is usually based on the accounts and documents of such kind of cases that are from the historian. Therefore, the questions regarding the mythical and the reality of disbelief and faith are found to be significantly inscribed into various tensions which are found in structuring The Exorcist Film, and they contribute to the film's major demonic conflicts. The narrative structure of The Exorcist is efficient and straightforward. The critical sections of the movie are quite short, and they are found cutting straight into the middle of the action which makes the suspense become gradually developed until the point where there is the attainment of inevitable shock climax.

In The Exorcist, the majority of the movie is seen shot using low-key lighting. The subdued lighting enables the shot of the film to acquire deeper shadows which enhance the look of the video to become more scary and dramatic. The cinema used most of the lighting from sources like lamps from the inside of the house. The use of three-point lighting could not have been utilized, given that it is bright and has a little shadow effect.

The rhythm of the movie is created by adding of a particular element either a movement, specific object or color from the previous scene which helps in creating of a visual bridge that enables the audience to acquire the ability to connect between the two different events in the film.

The Exorcist is a movie about explosive social changes that is finely honed in a way that it focuses on the social standards regarding the youth explosion which occurred during the late 60s and early 70s. Thus, the film was for the entire parent who develops a feeling in a kind of terror and agony, given that they were losing their children and never understood how this was happening.

The Exorcist is produced using three kinds of sounds: music, sound effects, and human voices. These sounds are vital in making the movie to feel realistic to the audience. The dialogue and tones in the film are found correctly syncing with the film's actions having no delay.

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