Unlock Creative Potential in the Workplace: A Modern Approach

Published: 2022-12-27
Unlock Creative Potential in the Workplace: A Modern Approach
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The main theme of the contemporary creative organizations is based on developing it to an organizational environment that develops creative trends in intellectual and scientific approach, as it is based on the values, standards and practices reflected on improving the performance of employees in the organization in addition to the flexible administrative system which is not characterized by complication , and the organizational atmosphere that is dominated by trust between co-workers being the basis of open communication development , which assists in the flow of information and problem-solving, that will affect both the innovative behavior and improve the organization's performance.

Studies that tried to examine Job satisfaction showed its great impact. This requires a continuous review due to the human nature that changes and varies over time, and due to the developments in the contemporary world where we live. In addition, the topics relating to Job satisfaction remain under constant and continuous search. From here we can say, that Job Satisfaction according to Hoppock represents a group of psychological, functional factors and environmental conditions that makes the employee satisfied about his job, while Porter & Locke add that it represents the difference in recognizing the relationship between what is expected of the individual to get it from his job, and what he obtained in reality.

This satisfaction must be reflected in improving the work environment in general, thus will reflect on many variables which includes the Innovation in the Job field, and from here came the idea to conduct this research about Job Satisfaction and its effect on workers Innovation in one of the most important economic sectors which is the Islamic Banking Sector.

ISSN 2162-1357 (Print), 2162-1381 (Online) Center for Promoting Ideas, USA www.ijbhtnet.com


Therefore, this study came out trying to measure the effect of factors leading to Job Satisfaction on the Innovation of workers in Islamic Banks in Jordan, and trying to reach results, that might help the workers in other economic sectors.

Study Problem The Banking Sector in Jordan is considered one of the leading sectors working in Jordan due to its huge participation in the national economy according to its role in employment, economical growth and fulfilling the financial and investment requirements for different sectors in the economy, Thus, the big importance for this sector makes it vulnerable for conducting many studies that increase its competitiveness, and its ability to work in changing environments.

The elements of the study problem is highlighted by trying to answer the question "Is there an effect on the level of Job satisfaction on the Innovation level in the Islamic Banks operating in Jordan?", The study elements are as follows:

- What is the effect of satisfaction with the salaries and bonuses on the Innovation in the Islamic Banks operating in Jordan? - What is the effect of Job tasks and duties on the Innovation in the Islamic Banks operating in Jordan? -What is the effect of the relationships with colleagues and managers on the Innovation in the Islamic Banks operating in Jordan? - What is the effect of the appreciation and self-esteem on the Innovation in the Islamic Banks operating in Jordan?

Study Importance

The current study derives its importance from the following:

1. This study is considered one of the first studies that looked at the effect of Job Satisfaction on the Innovation Level in Islamic Banks operating specifically in Jordan. 2. The Importance of the Study Topic; by trying to measure the effect between two important variables in the organizations work environment which are: Job Satisfaction & Innovation. 3. Trying to measure the effect of all factors leading to Job Satisfaction on the Innovation Level in the research sample

Study Objectives

This Study aimed to define the following:

- Determine the effect of the Salaries and Bonuses on the Innovation in the Islamic Banks operating in Jordan? - Determine the effect of the Contents of Job Duties and Responsibilities on the Innovation in the Islamic Banks operating in Jordan? - Determine the Effect of Relationships with Colleagues and Managers on the Innovation in the Islamic Banks operating in Jordan? - Determine the Effect of Appreciation and Self-esteem on the Innovation in the Islamic Banks operating in Jordan?

Theoretical Framework and Previous Studies

Job Satisfaction Concept

The Job Satisfaction Concept was subjected to many ideological visions, derived from the evolution in its own environmental factors and its principals, so the researchers' ideas differed towards a specific definition for this concept. Vroom believes that Worker's Satisfaction according to the Justice Yield Theory occurs when the comparison conducted by the employee between what he expects from the return of the behavior he follows, and the personal benefit he really achieves .And after this comparison, the employee starts to differentiate between different alternatives to select particular activity to achieve the expected return, which matches the benefit he gets indeed, and this benefit includes both the Financial and the Moral sides together. Moreover, this theory assumes in its explanation of Job Satisfaction that the individual is trying to get a return while conducting certain work, and then his Job Satisfaction stops on the extent of the revenue that he gets from his work with what he thinks he deserves ( Alshekh & Shrir , 2008).

International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology Vol. 5, No. 1; February 2015


On the other side, (Adams, 1963), made a research on the Justice Yield Theory, in which he considered there is a correlation between the employee and the organization he works for, where the employee provides his efforts and experience in exchange for returns such as salary and promotions, health insurances and others from this organization, so the employee starts to perform a balance between his average returns and what he gives to the organization, and the average returns of what others are giving to the organization. In case the two averages were equal, the individual feels satisfied about his work, and if there was any difference between them from his point of view, he feels injustice, which affects his Job Performance and increases his absence from work, and pushes him to leave his work later.

Vroom indicates in another study that Job Satisfaction is a positive direction from the individual to the work he practices, and Stone adds that Job Satisfaction " is a situation that integrates the individual with his Job and work, where he becomes a human dominated by this job, and interacts with it through the career ambition, his desire in growing and development, and achieving his social objectives through it."

In addition, the definition of the Research Center at Michigan University indicates that Job Satisfaction is that relief the worker concludes from the various aspects of his belonging to the project", and William et al agree that Job Satisfaction is the difference between what the individual awaits from his job and what he finds indeed.

(AlMuamer, 1993) adds that Job Satisfaction represents the status in which the individual achieves himself and fulfills his desires, which makes him work with more enthusiasm and desire, and pushes him to increase his production efficiency. While (Bukhari, 1986) considered it as the acceptance & adherence of the individual to his work, and the reflection of this on his performance and personal life.

Moreover,(Abu Sheikha, 1998) believes that Job satisfaction represents a Positive Attitude towards the job of the individual, where he feels satisfied about different environmental, social, economic, managerial, and technical factors related to the job. While (Tuijari, 1998) believes it is person's attitude towards the work he is doing, as a result of realizing his work.

Based on the above, we can conclude that job satisfaction is the mental state or pleasant emotional status the employee reaches, upon certain degree of satisfaction, occurring due to his exposure to group of psychological, social, professional, and financial factors. And this definition agrees largely with what the Researcher Tala'at Lutfi indicated that job satisfaction is a group of positive emotional feelings that the individual senses towards his work or Job, which reveal the degree of satisfaction of the work for the individual."

Elements of Job Satisfaction

Studies and researches that tried to exploit the general level for satisfaction, by reflecting on what the members decide regard the different job factors, or the degree of Satisfaction of members about other work factors affecting the degree of satisfaction, these factors were determined as follows:

1-Satisfaction with pay: Many researchers found a proportional relationship between the income Level, and the individual's job satisfaction. 2-Satisfaction with the Work Content: Some researchers have found that the content of work is the main factor for contentment at work, yet it might be the only one for some workers, Many variables can be connected to the Content of Work:

-Degree of Job Tasks Diversity: If the job tasks varied, no boredom will affect the employee on the short term, and this will let him feel more satisfied. -Degree of Self Control given for Individual: whenever the employee was given the freedom to choose methods of work performance, this directly affected the speed of work performance, and is due to his ability to select the way he feels the best and...

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