Free Essay Sample: Jazz Concert Report

Published: 2022-02-25
Free Essay Sample: Jazz Concert Report
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On February 2nd, 2018, Bellevue College hosted a spectacular Jazz Concert dubbed The 22nd Annual Bellevue College Jazz Band Festival. It provided a platform various Jazz Band directors to showcase their bands' talents. The concert featured forty Middle School, High School, and College Jazz Bands and Combos (Gridley 49). Notable was the fantastic performance by the famous Jazz artist Tim Warfield

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Warfield graced the diverse concert as a judge, audience and a guest artist; he is a saxophonist, educator, and composer. He is an exceptionally gifted saxophonist and a darling of many Jazz music enthusiasts across the country. As a guest artist, he provided a masterclass and was featured in the Bellevue College Big Band performance. Warwick's presence made the whole concert one of a kind. Band directors had an auspicious opportunity to be rated by an excellent Jazz Music Composer. The presence of this legendary artist invited authentic fans of Jazz. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the beginner Jazz Music lovers to sample a variety of compositions and also find their taste.

Apart from the great compositions, other works of art also made the concert a success. For instance, the theatre in building E where all the performances were held had a cool and lively ambiance. The stage had a background of a dim blue light. Right on top of the stage on the fore edge, a soft ray of light rained on the performers making them visible from all angles. The general atmosphere was exceptionally peaceful. Each performance was appealing and everything seemed like a walk in the park.

The featuring of Tim Warfield in the performance by the Bellevue College Big Band was spectacular. It marked the climax of the concert. The experience with which Warwick played the saxophone was amazing both to the eyes and the ears. This collaboration was a match made in heaven. The bass reverberated in the hearts of the audience. They nodded rhythmically to each note. They tapped their feet along the vibrations of the drum set and applauded every bridge.

The performance by the Hamilton Middle School could be the one I enjoyed. This was an orchestra that combined almost all instruments harmoniously. The saxophone players gave out a good riff. The trombone players gave amazing turnarounds. The bass player gave a soothing vamp. Outstanding was the lone vibraphone player who ushered in a crescendo that leads to an abrupt yet satisfying halt.

In particular, the music that Hamilton band performed originally written by Fred Stride tipped me off about the place of Jazz music in the field of art. This particular music featured saxophone, vibraphone, and trombone. Stride is known for writing music compositions and arranging for other performers. He is also a Senior Sessional Lecturer of Jazz Theory and Arrangement at The University of British Columbia. His teaching career lights up the history of Jazz music (Gridley 50).

I had the best moment in my life during the concert. I was able to sample various performances. Having heard a variety of the jazz music like the slow-paced and fast-paced ones, I decided that both were likable to me. I had the perception that the slow-paced Jazz music was good for relaxing and the fast-paced Jazz music was good for dancing. The whole concert instilled in me a sense of appreciation for the Jazz Music.

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