Fashion Merchandizing and Buying Course Personal Statement, Free Paper Sample

Published: 2022-06-28
Fashion Merchandizing and Buying Course Personal Statement, Free Paper Sample
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Expressing my personality through art has always been a priority since I was a child. Moreover, art has been deep-rooted in me since I can remember. As a child, I was enthralled by doing something to do with medical sciences; nonetheless, designing and drawing became overwhelming and more rooted in my being as I grew up. From pre-school to elementary school, my primary focus was art, primarily concerning fashion and design; and to prove my desires were real, I did pass on related subjects with much ease. Fashion is imaginative, seductive, dynamic, and a form of art. However, other people perceive fashion as a religion regarding the passion they have in it. Fashion offers me self-assurance to live my life to its fullest, and I provide a sense of satisfaction to believe that most of the people in the world are also fashion driven in the changing world. More often than not, fashion makes an individual portray his or herself in a certain way that is different from others concerning their interpretation of the same. I believe that fashion defines the personality or character of every person, and; therefore, becoming a fashion merchant and buyer would not only be my most desired career but also would be a thrilling experience. Therefore, given that I have pretty and valuable knowledge in the field of fashion. I desire to apply for a course at the institution for fashion merchandising and buying.

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I have worked closely with the merchandising team throughout my three years of working at Christian Dior as a PR coordinator in Japan. My experience within the department was exhilarating regarding building a stable relationship with domestic media and maintaining the second position of monthly PR exposure for major online publications and successfully delivering multiple international and domestic events. However, I was always fascinated by the merchandising team`s decision making procedure on range planning (choosing which products would be appropriate for the Japanese market, determining sizes and how many of each) were carried out. In other words, the decision-making team did extensive market research and intelligence to ensure they offer the right quality and quantity of various fashion designs. Moreover, I learned the process of pricing strategies and logistics of goods. Both from the source and within the enterprise as well as the level of educating the store staff on the products have an enormous impact on the success of the business including customer satisfaction and loyalty.

During my time at Dior, I was working closely with the CEO of Japan and frequently reported to the top management team in Paris. Their ability to predict the impact of game plans, including dividend arising from strategies that were tailored each season, as well as their risk analysis approach and strong initiatives; thereby, the skills acquired in this section were incredibly inspirational. PR operations and their exact correlation to profit is a complicated matter to measure, however, merchandising and buying practices can be analyzed and put into force for future progression for the business with much explicit numeric evidence. I found out that most of the CEOs in luxury sectors have experience in merchandising and buying practices. It has made me realize that I need to develop my fashion career and immerse myself further into the growth of the business and to one day fulfill my dream to become a CEO of a luxury fashion brand. The development of knowledge and skill sets that could be acquired through this intensive course is imperative to reach my goal.

I believe that I have the required qualities to become a buyer and merchandiser. I pursued Psychology BSc at Newcastle University, which has strengthened my data analysis skills. In the course, a module focused on consumer psychology. Consumer psychology is a study of underlying cognitive processes that explain consumer's choices and how they respond to the influence of marketing, as well as other stimuli that convince people to purchase items.

After graduation from the university, my retail experience blossomed. I worked at Hollister where I experienced a fast-paced, casual fashion business. During my time at Dior, I underwent a training period that involved five months of fashion adviser role at one of their flagship stores in Tokyo, where I quickly became the second highest handbag seller nationwide. Throughout these experiences, I learned the importance of having the right products at the right store at the right time, as well as a thorough understanding of customer base and how much they are willing to pay and the effect of current and future trends and PR exposures on product demand and sales.

I am highly organized and able to liaise with team members located all over the world and in different hierarchical status to achieve a common goal. I was the main organizer of PR events from the day I joined Dior. I assisted in executing largescale international events including fashion shows, exhibitions, collection previews with a number of guests ranging from 100-160,000 and made sure that all the team members were aligned at all times. Throughout my PR career, I strengthened the ability to make decisions under extreme pressure, and negotiate with local vendors to successfully deliver multiple events within cost constraints.

The business side of the fashion industry is where I want to base my career on. It should be noted that everything in the world is linked to business transactions in one way or another. Even though, it is my talent/ambition or desire to achieve in life management of resources such as money will always be involved. Management, merchandising, and buying of fashion is very significant in the development of my career in fashion and design because of the knowledge that I will gain that will help me in the operating of any business in the fashion industry. Therefore, fashion merchandising and buying as a course in your institution interests me since it will form a bridge form a connection between my knowledge and passion for fashion and business management in the sector for success.

I believe that your institution will offer me with the required knowledge following its renowned reputation regarding the course and other business management careers. Moreover, your highly experienced lecturers will guide me through the course ensuring I get the required knowledge to enable me to succeed in the fashion industry. I am a hard working person and that combined with my experience and expertise in the fashion industry will enable me to produce exemplary perform while helping my fellow students in one way or another. Such will ensure that the institution's exceptional performance is maintained. Moreover, after graduating in the course, I would like to further my education and become one of the most influential figures in both the career and mentoring other interested people on the same. Therefore, I believe I am the right candidate to pursue the merchandising and buying course at your institution where I will further develop my career and fulfill my desire in art mainly fashion and design and be in a position to conduct business swiftly across the world. The acceptance of my bid will not only a great favor but also an opportunity to make my dreams a reality. For sure, you will unlock my career potential and in culminate a new beginning in my life. As a result, the opportunity will offer a life-changing opportunity for me.

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