Essay Sample on Understanding Consumer and Business Buyer Behaviour

Published: 2023-02-15
Essay Sample on Understanding Consumer and Business Buyer Behaviour
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Notably, there are many trends related to marketing, such as business buyer and consumer behaviour. Over the last few years, a lot has changed in these two topics which have brought about a reason to research on it to get a better understanding of how they related and connected. Although the relationship between consumers and sellers is what is the driving force for businesses, most investors have not incorporated the need to understand how these two disciplines correlate. And how it is essential in the progress of marketing. That is both parties will benefit, and therefore they will not have any issues in relating to each other, which is god for the growth of the marketing industries. It is very beneficial to understand how these two disciplines work. And it helps both businesses avail to their customers of the needed goods and customers receive what they desperately crave for as they are essential. After taking full consideration of two articles and studying them exclusively, I understood the behaviour of business and consumers thoroughly.

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Besides, the sellers need to ensure they know what their clients want so that they can easily avail them and hence grow their businesses tremendously. In most modern world countries, the concept of consumers and companies is commonly used. And it is viewed as quite significant, but that is not the case in third world countries which are having a significant problem in ensuring they fully understand the concept. New businesses have a big problem as they do not know what to accommodate into their plans and strategies as being unique in the market can pose a lot of questions. Key among the problems is the issue of getting to know the preferences of the intended people and getting a way to deal with them. It is hard to venture in any business without prior knowledge of what to expect as it will fail; therefore, it is vital.

Besides, further research has influenced my understanding more with the discovery of two articles which closely relate to my study. And both the articles used influence and better my knowledge on consumer and also commerce buyer conduct. Both tend to create an understanding of how the two critical principles in study influence each other and make it easy to understand how they directly have a relationship. In most obvious cases, the marketers need to have a better understanding of both their intended and existing customers (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker, & Brennan, 2018). And this will, therefore, influence their decision so that they know which goods are more critical for sale and hence get to know which have more demand. Thus customers and companies alike must have a way to understand the importance and benefits of working together. In most scenarios, both parties get an advantage.

In addition, there are so many other factors that influence the relationship according to the article. And the decision making of both sets of individuals is based on many other things. Arguably, the buyers may get influenced or affected by their culture, social background, psychological reasons and other individuals. For example, most people get to know about the advantages or the product itself from their friends or family members (Armstrong, Kotler, Harker & Brennan, 2018). Hence, people tend to use the same products over the years as it is the only product which they have trust over the years. And thus making it hard for new companies to have those same customers. It is hard to change someone taste, and therefore, businesses should have this in their minds. And so that they can efficiently deal with different problems which have posed a considerable challenge in the market. Therefore, a different understanding of behaviour is essential as it is the only way to get advanced and compete with other companies fully.

Moreover, the behaviour that is visibly shown by an organization can bring out very many outcomes. The intention and strategies of a company are vital in ensuring that they are good enough and hence making sure they get customers. However, after having a good study, there is a realization that it is tough. And to convince someone to change from their old ways and offer a solution which you tend to claim is better. Thus, the behaviour of the company. And its workers create another concept of how they are supposed to make purchases for the company (Kotler, 2001). For obvious reasons, a company must ensure it knows what the consumers want so that they can avail quality products getting maximum profits in the process. They need to make the right purchases as they are the only ways which can ensure that the company benefits from the gains and grows tremendously.

However, there is a problem which is usually involved between consumer behaviour and the differences they possess with a business buyer. And in that, the consumers are the customers who are interested in buying goods. And which end up satisfying their needs or that of their close family members (Kotler, 2001). On the other hand, company buyers, purchase products according to their business description and they are used in the same organization. However, the consumers are affected by a variety of issues such as age, gender, occupation, education and income level. Research has shown an increase in the level of income of employees leads directly to the rise in their lifestyle. And the same case applies as people with more money tend to use more expensive products and vice versa.

Also, as people grow old, they stop to use some of the products which they have other the years being very deeply rooted into and instead focus on other things especially women who were so much into beauty (Johansson, 2009). Whereas different genders use different products and hence exhibit differences in what they need, for example, women might want more hair products than men. Consumers also have a way in which they act as individuals or when they are in groups. It is quite hard for a man to buy clothes easily alone easily as compared to when they are in a group and everyone having to shop for clothes. It mostly about entails satisfying one's needs and all that they want using the available services, ideas and goods available.

Besides, a new trend has developed over the years, which has sought to revolutionalize the marketing world fully. And this involves mainly children as they have become the driving force towards what their parents what and buy. In my area of locality, most children have bicycles which they have been forced to buy because their neighbours have bought for their children (Johansson, 2009). In this case, most parents are having no other alternative but to carefully follow the demands of their children as they do not have another option. Children, in their case, are becoming demanding. And another example has been as they are trying to follow technological trends by buying a new phone each time.

Consequently, this has led even the advertising agency to change their strategies. And of late they have been forced to market child products on hours which they expect both the children and parents are watching. They have even resulted in giving a few children a gift to force other parents to buy for those different kinds.

Equally important is that consumers are deeply rooted in their culture. Most people, especially in third world countries, cannot dare go against their culture or religion (Armstrong & Kotler, 2017). Therefore, they are forced to act according to their culture or way of life demands. And making it essential hard to buy products which they deem are against their way of life. Therefore companies must first ensure they are well conversant with the culture of the customers. And it is essential as most of them do not fully understand how well they can deal with their issues. Hence, before venturing into the market, they must ensure that they fully understand the way of life of the customers. And it is the only way that they can ensure that their products are bought to the maximum and hence get maximum profits.

Besides, every salesperson needs to understand the different dynamics which influence the buyer behaviour and hence act to the advantage of the company by having to sell more, resulting in higher profits. As a result, four different but correlated business-related management models have been deployed to help in understanding buyer behaviour (Armstrong & Kotler, 2017). They include, psychoanalytic, information processing, economic and learning model. All of the above mainly deal with how different customers act while trying to make decisions on their sales. It is therefore essential to have enough prior knowledge of different types of buyers to find a way on how to deal with them effectively.

Also, there is a relationship between the factors that influence consumer and institutional buyer behaviour as they both seem to be very similar. The organizational on its part may be a little different however because it is money-making and it cannot just do anything for fun. Therefore, regulatory factors are quite different from the consumers as they must incorporate its structure, procedures, objectives, systems and strategies. A company is formed behind various goals and is governed with a lot of values and principles. Setting of given goals and attaining them is very important for any company. And therefore a lot must be done to ensure all are met making the company compete able in the market. And this is not the case with consumers as they have no severe objectives which they aim to attain. And do not have a specific issue; therefore, they do not have anything to prove in the process. However, there are also other individual factors which are very relatable with those of consumers.

And this includes age, education, preferences, job position and buying style, which are very much associated as individual buyer behaviour. Other factors which are very different from the consumer buying behaviour are those factors which are very interpersonal such as dynamics, influence, expertise and authority. There is always a way that businesses will handle their issues which cannot be the same as how the consumers do it. After taking full consideration

All in all, although they do not thoroughly compare and relate and are somehow different. It is therefore imperative for every organization to understand what they are required to do so that they can compete on high levels with other companies. Learning the preferences of the customers enables an organization to know where to better its output as it is what makes them very work efficiently. For example, it is impossible to sell short clothes to people who believe in a specific religion such as Christianity and Muslim. Consumers also need to get all that they require as it is not sometimes easy to find something in some cases. In most cases, people spend a lot of time looking for something in particular, which may be hard to find, but if businesses could be taken seriously, then they would make it a great deal. Getting to know what can be easily found is very good for consumers as they will not have difficulties.

Finally, it is essential to note that with different market trends becoming very advanced in terms of technology and businesses thriving from straightforward issues. It is crucial to accommodate change and incorporate the positive things that are needed in the market as things are changing at a very high rate. Both consumers and business buyers have a considerable impact on businesses. It is important to note that a lot of competition is currently happening between companies and shopping is also a new trend. Having workers who understand these behaviours and their importance can be very important.


Armstrong, G. M., Kotler, P., Harker, M. J., & B.

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