What Is the Meaning of Life Philosophy. Free Essay Sample.

Published: 2018-02-21
What Is the Meaning of Life Philosophy. Free Essay Sample.
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What life means to me essay

I consistently wonder why there are very many analytical meanings to the same word, ‘life.' Others say life has no meaning, while some, ‘life means everything.' Consequently, there are always reasons for each of the various definitions given to the word ‘life.' One obvious reason has to do with superstition and religion. That God is the true meaning of life, from him is all source of everlasting life and freedom. On the contrary, a scientific definition ties life to matter and an important series of reactions that promotes life. I believe that the process of living comes with important activities and I, therefore, consider life to be having a very significant and substantial meaning.

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From my perspective, I tie life to practical significance which leads me to the real meaning of what it is. Just to start with, there is no proper definition of life outside what we know or that which we can find out by ourselves as a species. Most people will argue or say that life has no meaning depending on the level of unhappiness that they face. For example, an individual at the University pursuing his or her degree program may decide to sign up for the course because they may feel uncertain about whatever they need from the course. Your first impression is that reading books and attending lectures might just brighten things up a little bit, not to realize that the units are rather disconnected and the exams are tight. The next thing you do is complain that all is meaningless.

I have to admit that at this point, my definition of life originates from three main things. The first is communication, then understanding and lastly service. All these three concepts go together. Human beings happen to live or tend to live in isolation. Most of the beautiful moments, however, when we are asked to recall, are those that we are in connection with others particularly the ones we are sentimentally attached to. Communication is, therefore, part of a healthy process that acts as a bridge used to connect an individual to another. Then there is this other part of the meaning of life that is connected to ‘understanding' of ourselves. Whenever we are faced with situations or circumstances that require our tactical solutions, and we can solve them, we feel great about ourselves. This pleasure makes us realize or understand what we are capable of. After knowing what we are capable of, we try to influence others to follow us by offering our service to them. Someone will consider my importance and the essence of me living by experiencing what I do in their lives that brings a difference.

What is the meaning of my life essay

the meaning of life, the definition of fear erupts. You will occasionally hear people say "I am afraid for my life." In my perspective, when fear gets in, one loses the sense of practical living but lives in his or her mind. Fear majorly triggers thoughts about things that exist or otherwise imaginary. Fear always contributes to the development of boundaries within the life of an individual. When I set a limit from whatever I am afraid of most in life, I feel safer, and the only complication is that I fear I am more guarded against even the life itself. I will disagree with most definitions that associate fear to live, and the actual truth is that fear and life are not a product of the same thing. It is as a result of the hallucination of the mind that fear sets in life. I will fear about what does not exist because the image of fear is rooted as a reality in the complexes of my mind. I always plan for my tomorrow but my today will never live in that tomorrow, and as a result, I fear what the next day will have in store for me. The other fear is associated with non-existence and the fact that someday life will not exist anymore. Since there is no security of living indefinitely, fear sets in manipulating the state of mind.

Talking about the past and the future, we can define and also differentiate the meanings of liberals and conservatives. Liberals have a feeling that change is inevitable. When someone is alive, he or she has to go through changes. Conservatives, on the contrary, believe that nature will always want us to preserve the current form of existing structure. Such conservatives always believe in the power of groups. According to them, stability and comfortability are only attained through being indented to others. Liberals, on the contrary, do not associate value with groups because such associations reduce the process of change. On can be liberal or a conservative depending on the experiences he has been exposed to. When I associate with people who view themselves as dormant and don't participate in activities that promote change, I am considered to be a conservative as my friends are. On the contrary, if the people I associate with are vocal and are attracted to activities that bring change, my situation will, therefore, make me a liberal.


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