Safety Play Paper Sample, Free Download

Published: 2022-04-07
Safety Play Paper Sample, Free Download
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Children love risky plays which have served to ensure their stimulated growth and a proper understanding of risky behaviors and safety play. However, the contemporary playground has been more focused on the safety of the children as opposed to their health and growth. The reason for such a trend is the fear of children engaging in unsafe activities and hence the managers of the playgrounds being sued for compensation. As a result, the playgrounds have had more focus on the safety of the children as opposed to their proper stimulation especially because they have young minds. Safety play is critical to ensuring that children do not engage in risky behavior which could have an effect on their physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Additionally, safety play has been seen to result in comfort not just for the children but also their families. However, although risky play has been seen as dangerous, it has various benefits for the children. One of those is that it aids in stimulating the minds of children and making them differentiate between what is risky and safe for them. Additionally, the nature of children's behaviors aids in ensuring their growth and serves to affect the nature of architecture in the future. A need, therefore, arises for to examine the importance of safety play while also understanding the role of risky play for children and hence strike a balance.

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The topic of the study has a significance on various aspects of children. Notably, playspaces have a huge influence on the growth of children. Children should be provided with an opportunity for them to test their own limitations. They should be allowed to explore and discover things on their own. When children are only told that one behavior is risky while another is safe, they might not understand until that have had the first-hand experience. Children can through experiencing safe and risky behavior understand what is bad and what is right to do. It is critical that children begin to understand that not all the environments are safe and that they need to be both careful and observant in their plays. However, understanding such aspects should not be at the expense of their fun. They should be allowed to have fun and burn their energy as this is the ideal reason for them being on the playground. A balance, therefore, needs to be struck between what is considered dangerous and risky and the extent to which children can be allowed to engage in some behaviors during their play.

In researching for the subject matter in this paper, various methodologies will be used. one of those will be conducting observational studies. In specific, children will be observed in their playground. More specifically, a workshop with children will be organized to ensure that their behaviors and activities in the playspaces are examined. The aim of such an observation will be to take note of the various behaviors of children who have been constrained to safe plays and those who have been allowed to engage in risky behaviors. Additionally, precedents and texts on children including aspects of child play and the playground will be critically examined. At the end of the research, it is expected that the importance of safety play will be assessed while the various benefits of risky play will also be presented.


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