Essay Sample Claiming U.N. Is a Failure in the Security Arena

Published: 2022-10-10
Essay Sample Claiming U.N. Is a Failure in the Security Arena
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The formation of the United Nations was a sigh of relief to the majority of the countries around the world that were tired of the constant tension and conflict brought about by the world wars. No one can dispute that this body has achieved a lot when it comes to handling spontaneous humanitarian crises in different corners of the world. However, there are compelling arguments that indicate much of the weight tilts towards the ineffectiveness of the United Nations as can be seen from its failures in promoting global peace and international order.

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The inability of the United Nations to avoid wars and violence in different parts of the world is the rise of world super powers lie the United States, Russia, and the economic behemoth that is China. These are the same nations that have veto power in the organization's Security Council. It means that their interests are often implemented in line with their international interests. The U. N. is helpless in such situations because it has proven to be toothless in reigning over the global superpowers that have a strong influence in different countries around the world.

The formation of the U.N. was a victorious moment for the small countries that already knew they lacked any power to resist against the big countries. The small nations hoped to use the international body as a tool for pushing their interests and shielding themselves from the super powers. The United Nations has fared dismally in this objective as they have been unable to halt the juggernaut of foreign policies and economic interests of the super powers. The small nations have no option but to comply with their wishes due to their inability to mount any meaningful resistance.

The failure of the U.N. is also manifested by the mushrooming of rebellious factions in various countries. This has been evident in the Middle East through ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other violent rebel groups under the guise of a jihadist cause. Africa is also playing host to Al Shabaab in Somalia and the Boko Haram in Nigeria's Niger Delta economic belt. The global organization is caught flatfooted by such terrorist outfits and it remains helpless in trying to intervene and solve such situations.

The same helplessness that the U.N. portrays in the emergence of violent terrorist groups is also evident at the global arena where full-blown wars orchestrated by superpowers are currently undergoing. Deadly violence is currently taking place in Syria and Yemen just like there was violence during the Cold War era and as recently as the Iraq invasion. The U.N. has only remained an observer in all these wars where millions of civilians are casualties and countless others are displaced and rendered refugees. It is not enough for the global body to intervene on humanitarian grounds after the conflicts have already started as it should have a strategic plan in place to prevent such wars.

It would be unfair to castigate the United Nations as a toothless international watchdog because there are tangible positives for which the organization can be applauded. However, this does not diminish that the U.N. has remained oblivious to the plight of many countries around the world because their attacker is a world super power. It defies logic when the international referee for world peace stands on the sidelines to watch violence and wars erupt in different parts of the universe instead of actively intervening.

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