Essay Example about Spouse and Child Abuse

Published: 2022-07-29
Essay Example about Spouse and Child Abuse
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Partner or spouse abuse is commonly referred to as domestic violence ("Spouse/Partner Abuse"). While it is a crime perpetrated by both genders, the victims of violence are predominantly women and often children. This social problem sees roughly 3-4 million women get battered in the US. It is a prevalent crime in America today with estimates showing that a woman and child are victimized every 15 seconds, and it mostly occurs at home where they should feel safe ("Spouse/Partner Abuse"). The abuse could be sexual, physical, psychological, emotional, economic, or a combination. Spouse abuse is a notable public health issue in American society since it is tearing down many families and affecting the development of children. There are numerous organizations today working to raise awareness on this issue to try and curb its advancement.

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Violence Against Women Office, US Department of Justice

The mission of this office is to offer federal leadership in the development of the country's capacity to curb violence against women. It administers justice and strengthens the services provided to victims of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking ("National Domestic Violence Organizations"). It also administers technical and financial assistance to communities that are developing programs, practices, and policies aimed at curbing domestic violence throughout the country. The office can be contacted via phone or mail.

Stalking Resource Center

The body was created in 2000 by a joint effort of the US Department of Justice Office of Violence against Women and the National Center for Victims of Crime ("National Domestic Violence Organizations"). The main aim of this body is to enhance the ability of organizations, systems, and professionals to effectively respond to cases of stalking. The Center envisions a future where the criminal justice system has the appropriate tools to respond to stalking, improve the safety of the victims, and hold offenders accountable. The SRC can be reached via email or phone. There is a helpline for victims who require immediate assistance.

American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence

One of the ways to reduce cases of spouse abuse is by using the law. The primary mission of the American Bar Association is to increase the access to justice for victims of sexual assault, stalking, and domestic violence by mobilizing the legal profession ("National Domestic Violence Organizations"). The commission addresses the need to increase the number of attorneys who provide representation to victims. The body also offers creative training opportunities to law students, lawyers, and other legal advocates who are fighting domestic violence. The ABA can be contacted via email and post office. It also has a service hotline that is open Monday through Friday.

Asian and Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence

The organization is a national clearinghouse and resource center on gender violence in Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, and Asian American communities ("National Domestic Violence Organizations"). It serves a national framework of advocates, community-based organizations, and professionals in curbing violence against women. The organization serves professionals in social services, government agencies, national sexual and domestic violence organizations, health sector, state coalitions to promote community organizing and to strengthen advocacy systems. The institute also addresses key issues, conducts research, engages in policy advocacy, and provides technical assistance to end spouse violence. It does not provide direct services to individuals, and hence any cases should be reported to 911 ("National Domestic Violence Organizations," 2017).


Spouse and child abuse is a serious issue in American society today. It is commonly manifested as domestic violence where women and children are often the victims. Organizations are working to create awareness and to help people who have suffered from domestic violence. The organizations offer advice, advocacy, education, and other services to assist in combating this social problem. These bodies have hotlines, email addresses, post office addresses, and even social media pages where people can reach them when in need.

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