Trump Is Either Intelligent or Popular, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2022-04-27
Trump Is Either Intelligent or Popular, Free Essay Sample
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Intelligent President Trump never attended the Wharton School instead he went to Penn, therefore considered not unlettered. But as far as business knowledge is concerned, is his hero despite several ups and downs in business initially. President Trump has no knowledge of science or mathematics thus he does not lend any credibility to the stem cell in scientific development research (Jian, 2016).

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Famous; by virtue of being president, Trump is an automatic favorite, not only in the United States but worldwide as the 45th President of the most influential state. President Trump swept the highest votes in the critical battleground of Ohio, North Caroline, and Florida. He beat the Democratic presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton who was supported by incumbent president Barack Obama.

Confidence; believe me or not President Trump confidence is what has pushed him to the top seat even after being saddled with allegations ranging from unscrupulous business dealings to mafia ties and racisms, President Trump still managed to obtain a landslide victory in the election.

Capability or Authoritative; President Trump authority over a given subject matter is unquestionable. For instance, he stated in the run-up elections that his foreign policy remains to make American great again by dealing with Islamic terrorist group and finish the nuclear deals with Iran as well as ransom payments to the state-sponsored terrorism. President Trump said he would end the cases of apologizing to the enemies of the United States of America and will only partner with allies. Thus, this shows authority and capability of ruling the United States. Example of the newest policies is to ban foreign lobbyists from fundraising for the US government.

President Donald Trump never relied on donors to support his campaign, and this is depicted when President Trump failed to follow the Rubio model of great support from few individuals. No one had the cash to support his campaigns. Trump believes that money does not buy an office. President Trump was not an ordinary politician (Jian, 2016). President Trump sounds different from his campaign periods to date when he speaks of immigration policies, negotiating good trades and considering Americans first in the manufacturing jobs. These ideas drove his considerable support and made him more popular among other presidential aspirants.

President Trump was also depicted as activism because he speaks on behalves of little and poor people. He is a politician who can express things that people see as useless, but at the end of the day, he keeps his works. He is a character making both intelligent prevalent among Americans and Latina. Diplomacy, We observed this when president Trump sat around the table with Vladimir Putin, while others were calling them First World nations' leader thugs (Leary, 2017). He is also ready to negotiate with the Iranian president over the mission to end nuclear. The culture of diplomacy has shown President Donald Trump as an incredibly intelligent person.

Business accomplishment; President Trump success in the business itself is a track record of his performance. The aspect of success in business also shows him as an intelligent person who can beat the business rivals and build a vast business empire. Lastly, president Trump's popularity and intellectual nature are seen in his celebrity factor. The celebrity influence is a plus for the president Trump and is one of his characteristics which have gathered him a lot of support.

President Trump is both intelligent and accessible, this valid due to his Practical nature, for instance, he gave Miss America another chance to prove herself where everyone had written her off. President Trump is also viewed as an analytic person. He reasons validly, and he carefully examines his judgment. President Trump is good at reviewing things.

Section B: Inductive Argument (10marks)

Question Two

The psychological association of American released a report in 2015 concerning violent video games based on the research study during 2015 (Eileen, 2015). The research revealed the link between violent video games as the cause of the heightened aggressive behavior, aggressive effects and aggressive recognition among the teens as seen in the case of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. According to the American Psychological Association, the violent video games also decrease prosocial behavior, the act of empathy and instead render teenage sensitive to aggression. The clinic perspective illustrates that transferring the action from a situation to another is a little bit had, but kids are fond of repeating to practicing what they observed in the violent video games. Ideally, this happens as a means of mom's verses dads, school against the home, and kids verse siblings making the kids behave peculiarly in a different situation.

Question three

The reports of 2015 show higher salaries for graduates from National University of Singapore (NUS), National Technical University of Singapore (NTUS) and the Singapore Management University (SMU) rising from $3200 in 2014 to $3300 in 2015. However, our focus is on NUS and NTUS. The survey reveals that at least ten graduates can secure jobs six months before sitting of their final exams, figure same as the year 2014. The graduates from both NUS and NTUS are 90% likely to be employed six months to their final exams. The graduates from NUS took home $3469 approximately 4.3% higher than 2014 while a graduate from NTUS gets $3419 amount 4.5% rises from the year 2014. The figure is different from graduating in engineering field especially from NTUS who says their salaries double as compared to the as social sciences accountancy and other causes (Amalia, 2016).

Informal Fallacies (10marks)

Question Four

The fallacy has been manifested in the committee by American constitutional founders, and this has rendered their citizens to mass murders. Primarily, increase in crime and assault cases, as a result, the call for gun control policies like the one advocated by the former President Barack Obama. Even though some scholars argued that the control has no effects on crime and instead saw this as a means of infringing the US citizens' rights. Therefore, further advocacy for gun control like background checks, barring higher magazine capacity rifles and assault weapons through such calls do to finish the higher rise of crime, but at least it reduces the incidences. Private sales of guns also need to be controlled.

Question Five

The fallacy has not been committed, but people tend to believe in nonexistence things, for instance when someone is not in good terms with you. All your faults are directed to them. The perception of the human kind is the blame. People look for their enemies to blame for any problem including the ones that cause themselves. The aspects may also lead to stress and chronic disease such as high blood pressure. The blame game creates unhealthy competition in both workplace and the business rivalry.

Question Six

In this case, the fallacy has been committed. Roger Federer may or may not have been taking drugs. Through critical observation, the evidence of drugs may be found on Mr. Federer. Everyone is addicted to drugs and starts by taking a little bit of it while hiding. They gradually become addicted and start bringing in several and open place. Mr. Federer may just have begun to consume it, but in future, he will hide no more. Notably, this is a case of false accusation.

Question Seven

The fallacy has not been committed, bananas and ice cream is not Jane's favorite. She never took it however much you struggled to prepare it for her. Instead, think of other things you can make if you want her to enjoy. She claims the bananas affects people's stomach.

Question Eight

The fallacy has not been committed since when the ape is treated as a person, it would have to be given individual rights such as education, right to vote, right healthcare, freedom of slaughter, liberty of no milking.

Section D: Definition (10 Marks)

Question Nine

Ethical behavior is referred to acting in a manner in which the society expects, by observing good morals and values. Ethical conduct results in a higher standard of self-respect, equity, fairness, honesty, and diversity.


Charity is the kind act of helping the needy or suffering or any aid given to the needy.

Section E Evaluating and Writing Argumentative Essay (45Marks)

The writer illustrates the anger on how the Lee founding further of Singapore and his children has grabbed every piece of land leaving the ordinary citizen with nothing to own. She also heights how Singapore still faces challenges of terrorism, lack of job and increase of the living standard.

Advance development of technology attributes the author's reason such as lack of job opportunity. As a result, the living standard rises due to economic effects of the technology. It assesses that the technology does not pay tax, but people do so when many people are working, and the government collects revenues in the form of taxes. It has determined that there is the high rate of corruption in the ruling family. The writer also highlighted the feud in Lee family of the royal house and over the misuses of the office.

Finally, I agree with the author, Singapore is a developed country regarding the democracy and its legal framework where every problem should be solved. The Singapore family Courts other courts Lee's family should use to silence their differences. Singapore populace and scholar should come out and initiate the mediation talks. Everything should have a limit, and Lee's family problem should be put to an end to enable the country develop and realize its goals.

The misuse of the state agencies by Mr. Lee to intimidate the journalism and his Singaporeans who questions his involvement in the corruption should be put to an end. Mr. Lee also misuses the office and his position. As a leader, he is elected to serve Singaporeans and not to mistreat them. The land issue remains a born of contention in Singapore like any other developing nation. The Lee family should reconsider the land issues and allow the Singaporeans to own at least a piece of the land.

Singapore still faces many challenges of insecurity such as violent and extremisms. The Lee family should look into a way of dealing with the security threats to secure his people. The problem of technology should be regulated rather than being substituted with human labor where possible to enable the creation of employment opportunities for Singaporeans. Rational discussion can solve the issue of public interest whether to preserve the house of founding prime minister and through public participation to avoid talks over social media.


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