Free Essay: Transitioning From Student to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Published: 2023-04-24
Free Essay: Transitioning From Student to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
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All students at the School of Nursing in Virginia (V.A.) must take courses in anatomy and physiology, growth and development, pharmacology, pathophysiology, leadership, and nursing practice. The students must carry out research individually or as part of a group. The students then must sit the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). The Registered Nurse (RN) to BSN scheme in Virginia provides licensed nurses who possess associate's degrees or nursing diplomas a passageway to obtaining a BSN degree (Bushy, 2012). The platform enhances the ability of R.N.s who seek to take on superior duties and extensive roles in the health care industry, grasp leadership skills, acquire grander specialized flexibility, and for those who desire to advance their training in nursing.

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Minimum Criteria Set by The Board of Nursing for Obtaining R.N. license in Virginia

The Virginia Board of Nursing provides licenses to R.N.s and LPNs. Virginia is a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact that offers a multi-state license that enables electronic nursing in secluded states. The Virginia Board of Nursing requires R.N.s to have a high school education or GED plus a degree or diploma from a certified nursing institution (Ridout, 2012). A potential R.N. should go to a state ratified institution. The Virginia Board of Nursing assents to programs certified by other state boards. However, the board presumes that R.N. programs take account of at least 500 hours of direct patient care overseen by a faculty associate. R.N.s who possess present or past licensing in a U.S. state or territory obtains licensing by validation.

After endorsement, mostly done online, the candidate receives the license if the review shows that they meet the minimum credentials. License verification is essential. Foreign nursing candidates must contact the board and may need to take the CGFNS exam before the NCLEX examination (Ridout, 2012). Besides, the candidates must provide fingerprints to verify their criminal records. The candidates must also complete the online application form and pay the required application fee. Furthermore, the candidates must avail of their graduation certificate or final transcripts to the board before being given a license.

Three Positions/ Employers a BSN Candidate Can Send their Application

The first job offer comes from Stones Springs Hospital Center, and the job title is RN-Progressive Care/ Step Down (or Nurse Resident-Progressive Care). The company's headquarters is in Virginia. The job requires newly graduated registered nurses. Since the position requires someone who has a passion for patient care and ready to work for a leading healthcare organization, I find the job fascinating (Ridout, 2012). Stone Springs Hospital Center has a bed capacity of about 124 and an affiliate of HCA Healthcare facility. The company has received numerous awards, such as the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval. The health facility commits to enhancing the health and quality of life by putting patients first.

The qualification requirement for this job includes a graduate certificate from an accredited nursing institution within the past six months, successfully passing the NCLEX examination and previous experience in the nursing support or service industry. Besides, the company needs self-motivated and persons who possess strong communication skills. I meet the above qualification requirements and hope that I can secure the job. The company has a program that I believe if I get hired will enhance my skills and experience in the healthcare sector. The company's StaRN scheme offers recruits with the tools essential to succeed in the modern hospital environment.

The program's framework assists new employees' transition from the classroom environment and onto the employment sector by offering various training (Ridout, 2012). The training includes five weeks of classroom, self-study, and skills and simulations sessions. The company also provides seven weeks of preceptorship, certifications like ECG, TeamSTEPPS, BLS/ACLS, CPI, and a transition into the company's Professional Development Residency. The company has well-outlined benefits to successful recruits, such as excellent total compensation package, including competitive salary, an excellent benefits package, and growth opportunities. The benefits include a salary of about $401,000 per annum, medical, and insurance cover benefits (Ridout, 2012). Besides, the company offers tuition reimbursement and student loans that can enable me further my studies.

The second job that I hope to apply to Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center offers, another affiliate of the HCA Healthcare, headquartered in Virginia. The job title is Nurse Resident with a specialty in general nursing. The company requires someone with a passion for patient care, and who desires to work for a leading healthcare company that values professional growth, an idea that appeals to my plans. The health facility has an about 133-bed capacity, with other outlets and clients across Europe. The organization offers all private beds with a 24-hour emergency room, advanced-technology operating rooms, and various areas of care, including a cancer care center.

The qualification requirements are similar to those of the first job. However, the organization prefers a candidate with a BSN degree. The company also shares a similar StaRN program as the first company since they are both affiliates of the same parent company. The compensation for this job is also identical to those of the first job, and the salary includes $401,000 per year wage plus medical cover and insurance benefits, among other financial and non-financial benefits (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2016). I believe that I still qualify for this job, and with proper preparation, I can secure the job.

The third job I plan to apply exists in Henrico Doctors' Hospital, also in Virginia. The company is also an affiliate of HCA Healthcare. The job title is Nurse Resident. This third company again satisfies my desires as it requires individuals with a passion for patient care and those who wish to enhance their career growth. Henrico Doctors' Hospital has a bed capacity of about 226 since the healthcare facility is an affiliate of the parent company HCA Healthcare just as the other companies, their terms, remuneration, and growth programs remain similar (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2016).

However, the tasks for the third job includes working on a 23-bed unit with all private beds. The company's patient population includes traumatic brain injuries, strokes, complex wounds, and sub-acute care patients that require physical therapy, occupational therapy, and (or) speech therapy daily. The average length of patient stay is 41 days. The Medical Complex Care Unit requires teamwork and a family-oriented workforce that supports one another to realize the highest patient care and satisfaction (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2016). The company offers an excellent opportunity to develop my nursing skills; however, I think that the tasks look strenuous and may require a more experienced individual. All the applications for the three jobs involve the online submission of testimonials and cover letters through a link provided by the company.

Holistic Life Balance

Maintaining a holistic balance between personal life and professional career involves balancing work and own experience. Work-life balance means a harmonious mechanism of living that permits for the assimilation of professional and private spheres. Scholars suggest that investing in self-care helps nurses maintain a healthy body (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2016). Most nurses find it challenging to get adequate sleep, exercise, and eat properly due to prolonged and strenuous working schedules. Nurses must set the right priorities by deciding the essential aspects of their life and eliminate unnecessary goals that do not support their life growth and career development.

Delegating some duties and responsibilities both at the workplace and at home reduces burnouts and stress from overworking, discussing your work schedules with your nurse manager in case of unmanageable workloads. Besides, asking family members to assist in certain chores helps in reducing the tasks one has to perform. Creating rapport with workmates and family members enhances professionalism and addresses conflict in a humble way for an affirmative resolve. A nurse must also deliberate a realistic roster that corresponds to their lifestyle. The holistic balance between work and professional career requires the nurse to consider their shifts so that they only work at the time when they exhibit most energy (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2016). It is advisable to consider saying no to invitations or commitments that may keep them from enjoying their leisure time. The nurse needs to take time off to have fun. A fatigue nurse can jeopardize the health of the patients and injure their mental and physical health.

Stressors and Challenges

Some factors that underwrite to strain for nurses consist of understaffing, lack of teamwork, and miscommunication. Moreover, incompetent management and no breaks or interruption periods increase the chances of stress to nursing. Nurses have to multitask and communicate with many clients, colleagues, and other healthcare experts (National Council of State Boards of Nursing, 2018). They, therefore, experience pressure at work. It is also tricky for balancing work and personal life. Nurses who cannot manage stress may find career dissatisfying. Besides, it makes the hospital environment unconducive as it causes anxiety, tiredness, short temper, and other undesirable health properties (National Council of State Boards of Nursing, 2018). Stress also results in depression, isolation, and decreases competency. Balancing personal life and professional life minimizes weight and ensures that nurses develop in their careers.

Lifelong Learning

Education does not end for most people after graduation and getting employment or becoming a licensed professional like a licensed nurse. However, the competitive job search experience in the modern world makes most people choose a path of lifelong learning that moves on throughout their career life. Besides, the professional landscape keeps on shifting with the advancement of technology. Nurses continue to learn to enhance their careers by obtaining valuable knowledge to competently grow the scope of their practice and standards of care (National Council of State Boards of Nursing, 2018). Lifelong learning comprises both formal and informal educational opportunities, such as enrolling in traditional or online degree programs, reading online and print research articles and postings, and attending conferences and training.

Furthermore, joining associations, collaborating with other healthcare professionals, and volunteering on committees enhances the grasp of the trends in the healthcare sector. Healthcare professionals impact on the health industry when they have knowledge of the current techniques, policies, and procedures through creating strong collaborative relationships with patients and workmates, improve patient outcomes, reduce mortality rates, and minimize the chances of errors. Nurses can pursue higher degrees such as masters and Ph.D. degrees in various fields, or simply diversify in other areas to enhance their managerial and leadership skills (National Council of State Boards of Nursing, 2018). Besides, pursuing further education enhances the nurses' grasp of the current trends in the ever-changing world.

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