Essay Sample Dedicated to Street Art: Graffiti Love Vandal

Published: 2022-06-03
Essay Sample Dedicated to Street Art: Graffiti Love Vandal
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Street art is the form of expression people; especially artists use to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. It can be in the form of writings or drawings. The work of art for discussion is Graffiti Love Vandal by Nick Walker in New York. I think his street art is perfect in expression n of his love for New York City. Many people appreciate their countries, but few have gone to extents of publicly expressing their love for their state. The graffiti expresses the idea of appreciation and love New York had to offer. The site reveals something about the artwork where there are cars packed, a post showing dry cleaning, window and the person on the graffiti is in official wear. Thus I think it is a perfect and effective street art as it expresses the different aspects of life in any city. That includes; work, living, and luxury state of life.

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The artwork is clear from any observation angle. It depicts the right message thus well understood. It has used the right form of art whereby space has been well utilized to fit the art. However, the colors used are dull thought are clearly seen. This is a positive element especially taking into account of the audience. Many people would not strain reading the letters as they are simple and distinct. The process for creation shows the details especially on the man and his wear. I feel this create the impact of concentration and keenness to attain that specific suit-wear thus creating a unique art piece. Nick creates a piece which he proportionately achieves balance in the use of color, scale, and balance thus successful artwork.

The chosen location has a rough old wall with a window. On the side, there is a sign of dry cleaning rooms, and on the bottom, some cars are parked. This location is perfect first because the place clearly depicts a street in a state. Many people live in such places since it is affordable. The artwork can easily be accessed by a large audience too. The wall is simple thou old and seemingly rough. Its background is fairly dark, and colors used for the art are clearly seen. Few lines on the upper body part of the suit, however, repeat with those on the wall creating eye confusion especially when the audience is too close to the artwork. Changing locations will determine the outcome thus the artist must be careful as the background might result in the art of being great or worse. Thus location is significant to any street art.

A great percentage of the people have made positive remarks about the artwork since the location is accessible by many within a short span of time. I agree with them since in the streets, a large number of activities take place, and such art is easily recognized and communicated. This work is populist as it enacts the sense of democracy and freedom to paint and appreciate New York as a whole. Everyone in one way or another is the right audience for art work. Audience completes the creative act in the work as they are being talked to and the message is sent to them. The most important thing is to make sure oneself understands the message being portrayed in a better manner. This sets room for a great audience involved in an artwork.

In conclusion, art relates to other street artworks through what the audience understands it. Use of lines, block letters and symbols makes art a complete work. Street art evolves with different artists expressing their ideas on the day to day activities. This Love Vandal art has influenced me in a way that color, forms, materials and the whole composition are all important elements to consider in making artwork. Location of the art is of great significance to determine how the composition comes out. The message being communicated should be simple in a way that the audience does not keep guessing what the artist is trying to tell them.

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