Free Essay Example: Transition into the Nursing Role

Published: 2019-12-10
Free Essay Example: Transition into the Nursing Role
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Nursing Students who have graduated at times find it difficult to enter new job markets because they either feel that they do not have enough expertise on clinical matters. In addition, stress comes in terms of personal, organizational and professional terms (Hill 2008). According to Duscher (2008), a new nursing practitioner follows several criteria in the first year of employment. The first process is the personal and professional journey; this is where the nursing practitioner is getting to understand what they have learned in school. Typically, this first stage happens between the first quarter of the year. The nursing student starts the actual work. They are meant to learn and discover subsequent performance. This step may cause anxiety self-doubt as they are not sure yet of their abilities. During this juncture, most nurses always require a directive from superior colleagues since they are re still learning the nursing procedure and clinical judgments.

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The second stage is when the nursing practitioner has started understanding more clinical oriented matters. During this stage, they have begun trusting their instincts. Therefore, they can make their decision, practice and can answer most nursing questions if they are asked. During the last stage in the first year, the nursing practitioner is fully oriented with the nursing procedure. There are several criteria set by the board of nursing for obtaining a registered nurse license. The period mostly ranges within two years and later have to take on an exam after completing their registered nursing requirements. A registered nurse can work in another state only if they have a licensed work permit to work in the state.

A student nursing practitioner must have obtained a recognized approved program that leads to either a bachelors or a masters program. Secondly, they need to apply for a license the nursing board will obtain a paper that will determine the eligibility of the exam the student had done. This will also require the student to take fingerprints for them to ascertain the eligibility of the nurse. The student will afterward take an exam, and if they have failed, they are required to retake a test. Lastly, a registered nurse will only become one by endorsement. This is determined if the student has passed all the exams. In addition, they should be able to list all the positions they have held since they started practicing for the last five years. A nursing student should also be able to provide certificates to prove eligibility of the school and licenses provided initially.

For a student to get an employment they have to have completed their bachelors or master's program. Furthermore, a board license is also an outstanding certificate. It is, therefore, essential for a nursing student should be able to identify the kind of nursing job they are looking for among the many that they have partaken and gained specialty.It is paramount for a nursing student to understand the position they are applying for as they give them the application guideline. Understanding the organization that they are applying to is important for the applicant to get equipped with how it works. The source of the advert should be mentioned on the cover page so that the employer can be able to trace where the applicant got the information (Keast 2016.) The applicant should be able to state their phone numbers, hobbies and referees for the employer to get in touch with them. Paying attention to detail makes the employer understand the applicant well as this summarizes their capability on the application form.

Holistic Life Balance

Blum (2014), states that nursing students should be able to take care of themselves emotionally and physically as it helps in professional growth. Self-care can assist in dealing with environmental stressors that can lead to burn out hence this can negatively influence decision-making on the clinical ground. Holistic care in the nursing profession includes getting to understand the social preference of the patient. Additionally, it requires one to get to understand the emotions and religious aspect of a patient in relation to the healing of the mind and body (Bair 2012).

Stressors and Challenges

Research conducted in the previous years by Labrague (2013) shows that nursing students are prone to stress. Some stressors have been observed in the nursing profession in the recent years. Academic demand is the most common stress factor. Management of this can be done by the student adjusting to the subjects and giving them more time to understand the full concept of challenging areas. In addition, students have a fear of the unknown perspective where they fear making the wrong diagnosis to the patient they are handling. Moreover, it can be managed by the students taking enough time to learn and doing research on the areas they feel they are not competent. Consequently, the death of a patient makes a student fear thus it can be managed by the student understanding that death is a natural occurrence. Negative interaction with instructors can cause a student to be stressed, and this can cause poor performance in the related study. A student can, therefore, manage this by reading books and informative sources on the related subject or use other instructors to understand the course.

Lifelong Learning

It is, therefore, important for the student to continue having lifelong learning through formal and informal settings for them to be competent in their areas of specialization. In addition, this influences the quality of care that a patient receives (Skees 2012). Students should be able to pursue an education that gives them specialty in their areas of learning. In addition Sharing of education for the purpose of learning with other team members is also essential. Case studies also help in ascertaining different cases and help in coming up with the problem-solving techniques. It is, therefore, advisable for nurses to remain current in their careers. The benefits of having a lifelong learning in the life of a nursing practitioner help them in getting to know the new health care methods that are currently being used for them to improve their quality. An applicant remains competitive in different organizations when they have continued their education unlike those who have not advanced. It is only possible for this to be accomplished by having a continuity of education.

Professional Contributions

In summary nursing, students should be able to specialize in at least one specialty in the nursing education this will help to increase the number of nurses in the state. Participating in community health projects such of offering free midwifery and general nursing services helps the students learn more in the nursing field of study. In the student community, nursing students should be advocates of immunization programs in the school set up to prevent communicable diseases. Moreover, the students can participate in creating awareness of different diseases as prevention is better than cure.


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