Transition in Professional Nursing Role, Free Essay from Our Database

Published: 2019-12-10
Transition in Professional Nursing Role, Free Essay from Our Database
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The student will be seeking employment in the field of nursing in the state of Texas. However, he will not be restricted to find a job in Texas. All the states have different criteria that students must fulfill first. Nursing is a well-paying career, and the nurses in Texas makes around $69,718n annually. It gives someone the room to study and increase the salary. There are restrictions that one has to meet before.

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Some requirements should be fulfilled for RN licensing. The person seeking certification should be of sound mind. He or she should be eighteen years and above. After meeting the exam qualifications, the student applies the RN with NYESED (American Nurses Association, 2010). Students who studied in the New York may have applied for the RN, where they are provided a temporal agreement to work under EN supervision. The nursing license given to RN nurse is a lifetime unless it is suspended by the respective authority (American Nurses Association, 2010). The registration certificate received allows the RN to work for three months before renewal. Before the registration, one is obliged to demonstrate that you are a person of good moral characters. Some of the question asked is whether the perspective nurse has ever been tried, and found guilty, Again, whether there are pending criminal case in the court or jurisdiction over any misconduct.

The job search in New York my residence landed me in Saint Francis Hospital. The position requires the new graduate to be considered for ED Nurse residency. The work is not demanding because it requires 12 shifts a month, reflecting 8-16 hours a month. The performance required is 3.4 GPA. Another position was on New York Health Services facilities, which deals with ensuring that people in the final years live in comfort, dignity, and grace. It requires a candidate with a minimum of a graduate in nursing. The working hours is not specified.

Holistic Life Balance

Holistic balance means the methods through which the student is willing to balance the comprehensive personal life issues at the same time acting as registered nurse because of the busy schedule of a nurse. My primary interest is ensuring that I deliver what am entrusted with. The biggest problem will be faced with the first year throughout the fifth year. Achieving a work-life balance is very stressful. As a nurse, there are any challenges that one must be prepared to meet (Ulrich, 2009). There are either internal barriers or the external obstacles. The main problem arises from the inside of the business like inadequate staffing making the available employees overstretched. Everyone is interested in maintaining a work-life balance. It is a situation without many negative impacts on the physical body, the mental health, work performance, and families.

Stressors and Challenges

One of the leading cause poor work-life imbalance after five years is stress and burnout. It is said that they can disrupt the normal feelings and the behavior. There is various barrier to attaining and balance between in life and work. Some of these obstacles are external and out of control of a nurse. It may range everything ranging from the small staff, and the generational references between the providers. The generational conflicts occur because the nurses comprise of people of different ages working together. Each generation will have a different training and skills. It brings conflicts when working together, and that is external again, cannot be controlled.

Other stressors and challenges are more personal and internal. Thy can emanate from the work, or from the family issues. However, these are within the control of the nurse (Dyrbye, 2011). The schedules of most nurses are busy, a fact that creates conflicts between one and family members. Some nurses will be busy all the day through, and as they advance their age, they create a gap between the working priorities and personal goals. It will result in frustration, and sense of worthless.

There are different ways through which the stressors can be resolved. The nurse should create and maintain a culture of purposeful communication. Stress are quickly reduced by communicating the problem to people. Many individuals in the hospital face by pressure to communicate their problems to peers (Hertting, 2004). Sharing the information openly and comprehensively can work because you are likely to get support from the colloquies.

After five years, stress and challenges management will be high. This is the method used to control the stress in the first year will not be the same used in the next five years. After years, the pressure will be reduced by being organized. Staying in control of the situation at home and being organized at workplace will reduce stress (Dyrbye, 2011). Since there many ways activities that can be done in a day. Failure to plan for these events may cause conflicts because people may not be able to complete all of them. After five years, the stress will be reduced by setting priorities on the important tasks. It will ensure that one concentrates on the important things alone. If the situation is absolutely out of control, I will enlist help with a mentor. He or she will be substantial because he can help you calm during the stress. The workplace stress can be solved by ensuring that you maintain a god communication.

Lifelong Learning

Learning is something that has no definite end, and it can continue for many years. Registered nurse certificate comes first after in the first year in the job. The certificate provides nursing information to the nurse who had done the main course. It aims at increasing knowledge, and critical nursing competency (Butcher, 2013). However, completing the course program will not result in award of a degree in nursing, but a certificate. After five years, the educational dreams will be different. The focus is mainly on acquiring the Doctorate of Nursing Practice. It is a terminal degree which is an alternative to the ordinary doctoral course (Ulrich, 2009). The reason for pursuing the degree program is to get the evidence-based practice in nursing. Students in the program also learn leadership and quality management.

Professional Contributions

I have solid plans in contributing to one of the largest professional nursing community. My preferred professional nursing community within my first year of employment will be The Nursing Community. The community deals with educating the public about a broad spectrum of health care. My main contribution will be doing research, to find a solution to reaching the patients at the grassroots. It will help the entire community. I will also participate in the students general community. I will publish to feature in the preventive cardiovascular association. It is an organization that is viewed by many students. At my fifth year of employment, I will seek a post in the management of the National Association of Clinical Nurses Specialist. I will also try to increase the membership of the American Academy of Nursing, especially encouraging students to join, since it is a general club.


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