Free Essay with the Analysis of the PBS Frontline Video "The New Asylums"

Published: 2019-09-02
Free Essay with the Analysis of the PBS Frontline Video "The New Asylums"
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Mental illness refers to the variety of conditions or the disorders that affect the mode of thinking and behavior of an individual. PBS Frontline Video "The New Asylums" has embraced on the relationship between the prison and the mentally ill persons. Normally, a mentally ill individual is attended at the psychiatric institution, the video heightens on the different way of dealing with the psychiatric people. According to the video, the psychiatric individual is jail. The US government has implemented that approach, to reduce the number of an individual who work, are alleged to be working on the streets and are suffering a mental disorder. However, the video also indicates that most of the people who are affected with the mental disorder are being kept behind the bars, the finding from the video indicates that 1 out of 10 patients are kept behind bars with the general inmate population, which now represents over half a million of those held in detention facilities around the country.

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The video understanding has elaborated on the different measure that is undertaken by to ensure that the mental disorder people are being attended with high-quality service, particular providing them with the medical care. According to the appreciation of the clip, prison currently is used as the metal disorder facility that is used to attend the on the psychiatric individuals. It is believed that 50,000 patient who is affected with mental disorders are staying in the public hospital while the 500,000 mentally ill people are but behind the bars. The information provided indicates that 16% of the patients in Ohio State are suffering from the mental disorders, these people are understood to require medication as well as the exceptional services to ensure that their condition is manageable. However, the patients who require acute care, as well as constant watch, are sent to the prison infirmary to monitor their conditions, this is alleged to be essential since they are eligible to receive quality medication care as well professional services from the prison attended.

According to the normal concept, prison is initiated in the society to provide security to the residents by detaining criminals. Most of the mentally ill patients are in prison due to minor offenses which they might have done without their normal conscience. Controlling mentally ill individual requires allot of force to be applied, this is because to some extent they are out of control forcing the attendants to apply a lot of force while dealing with them.

Prison mental health services often better than those in the community-based facilities. Apparently, some of the inmates in the prison believe prison makes their condition better while others say it worsens the fact that some are worse and are beyond the professional personnel tend to spend the inferior time to the inmates. The process of isolation makes those who are already mentally ill worse to fall apart due to lack of knowledgeable stimulation. Moreover, the relationship between prison and mental health is a paradigm which explains on the perception of the mental health individual towards living the prison facility. Some of the mental health people are distressed while persuaded to leave the prison; this is because they fear complexities of everyday lives that they believe it is essential for them to be convicted in a controlled environment.

The review of the theories substantiating a defensible distributive theory describes the need of the practical significance in mental health as well as the prison life where the attributable changes of the prisons life being captives to the material measures through which the can achieve in prison lives. The theory embraces concern over the psychiatric measures attributable to the case features resulting on fresh rules mitigating the likeliness of the being victimization.

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