Free Essay for You: Saje Natural Wellness and Its Environmental Impact

Published: 2022-06-06
Free Essay for You: Saje Natural Wellness and Its Environmental Impact
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Saje Natural Wellness is a privately held company that deals with a private brand, essential oils, and skin care goods. This business, formed in 1992, is a Canadian-based retailer. The founders, Kate and Jean Pierre LeBlanc, launched the business in Vancouver in British Columbia. It is a family owned business whose aim is to pull 'plant power' to produce natural essential oil blends, body care, and wellness products. The company has managed to set up 52 branches in Canada and 19 in the United States with its headquarters in Vancouver. The environment plays a vital role in the operations of Saje Natural Wellness. The company, therefore, depends entirely on nature to develop its products because it uses plant remedies. This paper looks at the impact that Saje Natural Wellness has on the environment. It will focus on the technological, economic, and regulatory factors about the positive and negative environmental factors.

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According to Chen et al., (2014). The employment of technological knowledge in Saje Natural Wellness is evident through their conception of AromaTime Ultrasonic Diffuser Clock. This clock has two tanks- the east and West. The east represents the morning while the west represents evening. The user can preset a.m. or p.m. times to enable the ultrasonic technology to disperse its essential oils into the air. It is set to happen when one is waking up or going to bed. This diffuser helps in creating a healthy environment. The marketing strategies of Saje Natural Wellness suggest that it helps in creating an antiviral and antibacterial environment that keeps the environment healthy. It, therefore, has a positive impact on the environment. Aromatherapy by Saje Natural Wellness helps to infuse the air with the healing power of plants (Worwood, 2016). In this regard, the technological business environment of Sage Natural Wellness promotes the natural type and quality of goods produced. Technological advancement profoundly affects the operations of Sage Natural Wellness.

Since the inception 25 years ago, this Vancouver-based company has made a significant contribution to economic growth. In 2014, the company had just 14 locations in Canada. It has experienced quick growth trends. Initially, 50 was the initial target regarding the number of stores, and they managed to achieve this when they inaugurated the 50th store at West Edmonton Mall in Canada. It was the second in North America's largest shopping center. According to the Financial Post (2015), the company has managed to record a five-year growth rate of 267%. The company has therefore led to creating employment opportunities. However, this has negatively impacted the environment due to its dependence on the environment as a source of its raw materials. Saje Natural Wellness extracts its products from the environment. Its expansion means exploitation of the natural environment. The economic environment, therefore, influences the operations of Sage Natural Wellness by helping it figure out opportunities in the market and the external factors that the business. It helps in anticipation of prospective market situations.

According to Mackenzie (2013), Metro Vancouver is mandated to protect the public health and the environment. It ensures that environmental regulations, by-laws, and codes of environmental ethics. It means that all governments across Canada have enacted legislation that regulates the impact of commerce activities on the human and ordinary environment. The Environmental Management Act entails the establishment of a specific regime that handles hazardous waste, provision of enforcement powers, and provision of environmental protection orders among other regulations. Sage Natural Wellness depends entirely on the environment to produce 100% natural products such as oil blends, body care, the home environment and aromatherapy products. The success of every business depends on its interaction with its environment. In this aspect, regulations involve how flexible and adaptable rules that govern the company are in Vancouver.


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