To Sir With Love - Novel Analysis Essay, Free Example

Published: 2022-04-06
To Sir With Love - Novel Analysis Essay, Free Example
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In this novel, Patrick Fernman had been arrested on a charge of wounding another boy with a flick knife during a scuffle. The boy was put in custody but his hearing was soon approaching and therefore his teacher Braithwaite was summoned by the head teacher to report on the boy's attendance, conduct, abilities, and interests. He was also profoundly concerned about the situation that he asked if it was severe. In my opinion, I would conclude that Braithwaite was chosen to report because he was observant and he would make a follow up on the students' daily routines. I have learned that despite the situation at hand is terrible, Braithwaite is still willing to give a helping hand which shows that his relationship with his students is positive.


Braithwaite goes to the hearing because he wants to follow the court proceedings concerning Fernman's case. I would say that due to his dynamic nature he notices the absence of the formality and trappings usually associated with the machinery of the law as described in the novel. He also understands the innocence of the young ones who did not seem to care about what was happening. I have noticed that he is also respectful when he decides not to go where Fernman was considering the fact that the cockneys are proud people who prefer to be left alone when they are sad.


I would conclude that the way the court portrays or represents Greenslade is not accurate because they do not give them a chance to give their own opinion about their attitude towards punishment. As they have often criticized them and they believed that a school is a breeding place for delinquents but with this statements Braithwaite still believes that the court will make the right judgment.


I think the judge was rather harsh to the girl compared to Fernman. He judges the girl whose only crime was ignorance as compared to Fernman whose crime was causing injury to others. The judge also blames the girl for her ignorance and blames Fernman's parents for allowing him to carry around the sharp object, and even if Braithwaite had a positive attitude towards his students, he couldn't agree with the judge's decisions.


In my own opinion, I think the handling was based on male chauvinism because the judges favored the male gender during his judgment. He thinks that the girl should take responsibility for her actions and the boy, the parents should take responsibility for his actions and therefore the judge was not just in his actions.


Just like Braithwaite went the extra mile for his students, I also had a teacher who went the extra mile for me in my academic life. I was to be expelled from school due to poor performance which was a rule in school, but my teacher intervened for me and convinced the principal that he would help me improve my results.

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