Podiatric Medicine Residency Application, Essay Sample

Published: 2022-08-25
Podiatric Medicine Residency Application, Essay Sample
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Since I was young, I have been passionate about becoming a doctor, especially after my father succumbed to cancer when I was a teenager. I wanted to help other people get the right treatment and maximum care because I knew the pain of losing a loved one. Due to the much time I spent in the hospital, I wanted to be like the doctors I saw. The motivation led me to work hard after which I passed my exams and got enrolled at Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine. One of the reasons I chose podiatry is because it allowed me to become a physician and a surgeon, thereby fulfilling my dreams. Furthermore, it is a career that will enable me to treat patients of a wide age range and most especially because I love managing the elderly persons.

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My primary goal is to work in a hospital setting for some years after my residency program. I aim at building up my personal patients' base and have my practice after that. I also plan on having a fellowship after my residency to improve my surgical skills. In addition to my skills, I have several talents and abilities that I will bring to the residency experience and in my medical career afterward. First, I am a hard worker, a quality I learned from my mother after the death of my father. My mother took care of my siblings and I and still managed the family business without ever complaining. Secondly, I am always willing to learn. Therefore, I can assure you that there will be no complaint from my supervisor regarding my code of conduct. I am also motivated, dedicated, and disciplined. Besides my abilities, some of my professional activities include the workshops that I attended this fall. The activities included tapping, radiograph reading, and suturing. I also volunteered at a women's shelter and in 2012, I organized volunteering events and assisted any group that needed help.

As indicated on my CV, I have taught various students in the field of medicine. For instance, from May 2013-May 2014, I worked as an assistant at The Ohio State University. The duties assigned to me included annotating lecture notes and proctoring weekly exams for medical students. My experience at the institution was terrific as it helped me learn more especially when discussing certain medical matters with the students. Furthermore, during the same period, I worked as a personal tutor where I taught students daily on Huan Physiology. The sessions were essential as they enabled me to comprehend more concepts in the field of medicine and surgery. I was also assigned the duty of leading exam preparations in the institution as well as carry out reviews on the various sessions.

I have also been involved in various researches and studies in different fields. For instance, from October 2011-April 2012, I was the research assistant in the Ohio State University where I acted as the research assistant. During that period, I got the chance to study the effects of global warming on coral reefs by extracting DNA from cells, and after that, I made observations of the methylation patterns. Furthermore, in 2014, during my internship, I was mandated with the duty of instruction healthcare providers on the goals of child nutrition requirements.

Please consider my application. I hope to hear from you soon.

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