Free Essay: To Get Employees to Empathize with Customers, Make Them Think Like Customers

Published: 2022-11-17
Free Essay: To Get Employees to Empathize with Customers, Make Them Think Like Customers
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Consumers Energy in Michigan face enormous problems as most of them are unable to pay their bills, their low financial earnings facilitate this. Life has become too hard to bear mostly during the winter seasons (Erin Henkel and Adam 3). The enormous challenges that Consumers Energy faces are not only in Michigan but also in Flint. In Flint, the consumers are pressed with too many charges. In any well-ordered business, the business-customer relationship is critical in identifying such challenges that the customers face. The business' employees have to develop a strong customer relationship to the customers as a way of understanding their complaints, problems, and reservations (Collier & Joel 153). The Consumer Energy experience high poverty level; they are unable to pay for a seat at the meeting besides the inability to pay three goldfish to get to the seventh floor using an elevator.

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However, upon consideration of Carnival Cruise Line, it is factual that they too face challenges. The challenges Carnival cruise Line face is social such that there is no proper understanding between the employees and their consumers (Iglesias, Oriol, & Stefan 345). Poverty is not a case to be discussed here, but conflicts and confusion rules take the lead in the company. Carnival booking process faces poor management. A dozen sales and service agents, and managers have no order in communication as there are shouts, noises made by laughter and other physical destructors. In this corporate environment, developing a seamless system of coordination and entrenching a culture of collaboration becomes difficult. Therefore, systems remain disjointed, and productivity which would otherwise be improved through coordination is undermined.

Empathy is not optional in solving a problem but is of great value in improvement in any business. The nuanced connotation of compassion is "putting oneself in the situation of another person." Through this kind of social relationship, it becomes easier to highlight the circumstances in which someone is hence preventing the possibility of having excesses which may make an already bad situation to tip over. Through empathy, the troubles and suffering of a second or third party become more salient hence informing the other person to uphold kindness and selflessness. Within the context of business, the criticality of the concept of empathy in decision making and problem-solving manifests in addressing employees' welfare. Whenever the business management empathizes with its workers and affords them the best packages and rewards, they become rejuvenated and more motivated to chive the best corporate results. Therefore, at any one point, there should always be proper coordination of the whole company right from the managing director, the employees, and consumers. A company that pays her employees well and provide relatively suitable conditions for their work is likely to benefit better services from the employees.

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